Hey! If you don't know Obsessive yet, it's the perfect place to learn more about us and start your adventure in the land of Obsessive pleasure! Here is everything you would like to know about Obsessive but you are afraid to ask.

Who are we?

Obsessive is a producer of sexy lingerie for women. You may not know, but you can buy Obsessive in exotic places, like Mauritius. This is just the begining, we've got the plan to open first intergalactic boutique on Mars!

Obsessive is born

Agnieszka and Tomek Szpila - they created Obsessive in 2006. Known on all continents (well, almost all, because we were banned from trading in the Arctic for fear of advancing glaciers) the brand of women's sexy lingerie. Their story became the inspiration and an idea for the Obsessive brand, products and spirit.

From the very beginning, Obsessive is a brand for couples, created by couples with couples in mind.


Command Center

You can find us all around the world, but our command center is pleased to be in Poland, more precisely, a charming headquarters with mountains view. Also from here, the obsessive package sets off on its way, to the furthest corners of the world. Here, our fancy lingerie designs are created, which usually begin its lifetime from the idea and a paper card.

Where do we get inspiration from?

With experience, with the participation of others, from fashion. We transfer our own designs to the card, we select materials, and finally preparing the perfect lingerie. We design with a pleasure and for a pleasure, taking care of every detail because the magicis hidden inside them.

While creating new lingerie our main goal isour clients comfort. Lingerie has to be kind ofa second skin, in which we can feel beautifuland comfortable.

In our headquarters, we subject every product to double quality control. The first time preparing for packaging, the second during packaging. Kasia, Ania, Renata... they ensure that the lingerie is perfectly packed and thoroughly checked.

Quality first

Together is better

Our motto

Obsessive is not just a sexy lingerie. We know that with every Obsessive box, you can feel the connection, love and desire. That is why we set ourselves the goal - fighting boredom and routine. Every day, we inspire, have fun and strive to make other people love, open to their needs, break down barriers. We believe that

Obsessive - more than sexy lingerie

The whole range of products has been divided according to styles and spices. From very gentle models to spicy ones. All this to quickly and efficiently adapt the product to your needs and expectations. Each line is marked with a color.

The most delicate is Sexy. Here you will find classic chemises, sets with and without garter belt, corsets or teddies. It was marked with a deep red color. Lace, a timeless style, subdued colors - that's the key to understanding it.


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The next step of initiation is the pink Spicy line. It's a line full of bold products, surprising knitted bodystocking, strong cuts and feisty accessories. A pinch of excitement - guaranteed!


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The third line and at the same time the next level is the Fun line, in purple. Adult costumes reign here. Are you looking for a fancy nurse, a brave policewoman, or maybe a sexy stewardess? We have it!

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Swimwear line of swimsuits is something new - in the color of the summer sky. It premiered in March 2020. All inspired by the classics of the 80s and 90s. Classic bikinis, micro bikinis, thin straps, thong or highly cutted underpants are the main elements of the collection. The offer includes fashionable shades of aquamarine, orange, and pink hard candy. Neon colors contrast with pastel peaches and beige, gold, and classic black.

What new?

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Last year, a fantastic line of cosmetics with pheromones appeared on the market: sensual perfumes, bath balls and massage oils. 100% produced in Poland. They are a great addition to lingerie, emphasizing its qualities. They are available in three compelling compositions, highlighting the sensations associated with the line! Sexy - delicate and floral fragrance, Spicy - strong and spicy, Fun - sweet and joyful.

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This year, the male fragrance came on sale. A light and pleasant scent has been turned up with an extra strong dose of pheromones.

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Obsessive behind the scenes

On our YouTube channel you can see fashion show movies, our photoshoots and also our backstages. So be inspired and join us here!

Our social

You can find us on Instagram and on Facebook, where we motivate every day, to spend timetogether because #TogetherIsBetter