A delicate robe in an airy cut. It’s a light cape that is usually worn over a nude body. The pleasant-to-the-touch material loosely covers the figure. Thanks to a belt or ribbon lacing, you cover exactly as much as you want. A stronger lacing nicely emphasizes the waist and gives the silhouette a feminine shape.

A peignoir is a great alternative to lingerie or an undergarment for an evening bedroom look.

Choose a peignoir if you like:

  • a tempting cover for sexier lingerie,
  • a design that adds lightness to the silhouette,
  • an airy cut concealing the shortcomings of the figure.


The chemise has an hourglass cut that perfectly highlights the feminine curves from the neckline to the buttocks. In this cut, both the top and bottom fit perfectly to the body.

The soft cups gently wrap the bust, ensuring comfort and convenience. Whereas the models with underwires and stiffened cups nicely support the breasts, exposing their curves. Among the bolder proposals you will find chemisess made of slightly translucent material.

Choose a chemise if you are looking for lingerie that:

  • gently adjusts to the figure,
  • subtly emphasizes the entire figure,
  • will work as elegant nightwear.


An airy, feminine nightdress with an A-shaped cut. The fitted top adapts to the bust, and the flared bottom loosely falls on the hips, subtly concealing imperfections.

Recommendations with soft cups easily adapt to the shape of the bust and provide full comfort. The underwires and stiffened cups used in individual models slightly raise and expose the bust.

Choose a babydoll if you like:

  • a cut that does not tightly snug the body,
  • lingerie with an airy cut,
  • a nicely accentuated bust.


In this category you will find very bold models with sensual patterns, deep cutouts or transparent fabrics. The fitted cut of Obsessive dresses snugs the female figure, exposes the body and brings out the curves.

The dresses are made of soft and very comfortable materials. These recommendations include lace, shiny and seamless knitted models.

Choose a dress if you like:

  • bold ensembles,
  • cuts that tightly fit the body,
  • lingerie that exposes more than it covers.


Stiffened material, fitting lacing and vertical boning – these are the elements of the stiffened corset that allow maximum adjustment, slendering of the waist and exposure of the bust.

Products fastened with hooks or with a zipper additionally facilitate putting on and taking off the corset. Thanks to them, you can regulate it with lacing only once, and then put on an already fitted corset, just slightly tightening the strings.

Choose a stiffened corset if you like lingerie that:

  • clearly brings out the bust and waist,
  • tightly snugs to the body,
  • perfectly shapes the figure.


A combination of a top and panties. A delicate, often translucent material adheres to the body and emphasizes the feminine curves. The well-cut bottom of the teddy exposes the revealed thighs, optically lengthens the legs and emphasizes the roundness of the hips and buttocks. In this category you will also find more daring styles – made of elastic straps, mesh or lace.

Are you looking for lingerie with a spicy twist? Check out the bodysuit with an open crotch.

A teddy is an option for you if you like:

  • an optical extension of the legs and slendering of the hips,
  • close-fitting materials,
  • an alternative to an ordinary set of lingerie.


The design resembles a classic chemise with the addition of a garter belt. The comfortable, easily fitting material perfectly emphasizes feminine shapes. The garter straps allow you to create an interesting set with selected stockings. The offer also includes more universal models with detachable straps.

A soft corset is an option for you if you like:

  • a combination of lingerie with stockings,
  • a sensually fitting cut,
  • a subtly emphasized shape of the hips.


Panties with a bold cut. A characteristic element of a thong is its back side, which is a very narrow strap, usually hidden between the buttocks. A thong will be perfect under a tight dress or pants, because it will not be seen through the clothes. In this category you will find minimalist designs, but also some recommendations with intriguing cuts, double straps or elements made of rhinestones.

Choose a thong if you:

  • like exposed buttocks,
  • want to fully expose your bottom,
  • plan to hide your underwear under tight pants and a dress.


Panties with a classic, slightly cut out design that sensually reveals part of the buttocks, emphasizing their curves. In this category you will find both classic styles as well as those with adornments or bold cutouts. If you value comfort, fit and a subtly tempting look, then classic panties will be fantastic! Panties with a spicy surprise can be found in the "18+ Only" section.

Choose panties if:

  • you are looking for underwear in a classic and sensual cut at the same time,
  • you just want to gently reveal your buttocks


A lingerie element that adds some interesting variety to a woman’s wardrobe. Worn around the waist or on the hips, it is used to support stockings with adjustable straps.

In our collection you will find classic styles, proposals in modern cuts and belts decorated with eye-catching details such as shiny trinkets, lace adornments, bows or satin ribbons.

Choose a garter belt if you are looking for:

  • an accessory to go with classic stockings,
  • an interesting complement to women’s lingerie,
  • a tempting look for the evening.


It is a one-piece outfit worn over the entire body, made using the seamless 3SKnit method. It resembles a bodysuit combined with stockings. The soft, flexible mesh stretches exactly as much as needed to comfortably embrace your figure. The transparent knitted fabric boldly exposes all aspects of the female figure.

Try a bodystocking if you like:

  • knitted lingerie in bold cuts,
  • mesh that wraps around the entire figure,
  • comfortable, yet very intriguing lingerie.


Lingerie that combines a garter belt and stockings. The pleasant-to-the-touch, stretchable mesh snugs the female body from the hips to the feet. Garter stockings draw attention to emphasized hips, boldly revealed buttocks and exposed legs. Fancy patterns and feisty cuts are the additional details – thanks to them the bottom of the silhouette looks extremely sexy!

Garter stockings are for you if you like:

  • a knitted alternative to a garter belt and stockings,
  • elastic mesh that snugs the body,
  • optically enhanced appearance of the legs and buttocks.


The offer includes two-piece sets consisting of a bra and bottom (panties or a thong) and three-piece sets, additionally containing a garter belt.

A set will be the perfect choice if you are interested in:

  • classic lingerie in a sexy version,
  • emphasized bust and buttocks,
  • the possibility of wearing stockings.


Among the one-piece Obsessive costumes we have classic models and so-called monokinis – swimwear with large cut-outs, clearly revealing the belly and back. The two-piece recommendations are primarily bikinis in various styles and colours.

We recommend:

  • one-piece swimsuits – if you want to emphasize the curves of the figure and slightly cover up your belly,
  • bikinis and micro bikinis – if you want to go for exposed breasts and buttocks,
  • swimwear with binding – if you want full control over the fit.