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Bath bombs

  • Pheromone bath bomb Sexy - Bath bomb with pheromones 100 g - color: Red
  • Pheromone bath bomb Spicy - Bath bomb with pheromones 100 g - color: Pink
  • Pheromone bath bomb Fun - Bath bomb with pheromones 100 g - color: Other

Sparkling bath bombs in three different fragrances will make you discover a new joy every minute of relaxation in the bath! Which version will you choose? Spicy with a tempting, oriental-floral aroma, Fun with a floral-fruity note or Sexy based on oriental-wood fragrances? Or maybe you would like to choose a whole bath bombs box? After all, sexy experiments are the domain of every woman!

Obsessive bath bombs contain natural oils that have a conditioning effect on the skin. They perfectly care for the skin, leaving it velvety and extremely delicate. Thanks to them, after the bath, you will feel that your skin is well-nourished, and on its entire surface, there is a delicate mist of a wonderful smell. The addition of pheromones will affect the senses of your partner! After all, the smell is one of the senses that can completely overpower even the real macho!

So choose one of the three scents of bath bombs and warm up the atmosphere in your bedroom to redness... Or maybe a shared bath will just be a prelude to the next, enjoyable moments together? You know well that with the right fragrance you will seduce your man and make him remember your moments together for many more days!

To enhance the seduction effect, try not only the best bath bombs or bath bomb gift sets popular in the UK but also perfumes and oils with pheromones! All these products are available in our shop in fragrance lines consistent with the bath bombs. Thanks to them, every item of your garment will smell great and original, and your beloved will be literally " led by the nose"! How will you take advantage of such a situation...?