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Sexy, subtle and feminine – that’s what our bestselling day lingerie is. It’s a choice for women who value freedom of activity, comfort and a perfect result. Exclusive panties, alluring bras and lace bodysuits are among the most willingly and most frequently chosen designs from the Polish brand Obsessive. The proposals that you can find in this category perfectly adapt to the needs and requirements of the female body, continuously following its movement.

Bestelling day lingerie that remains unseen

Sensual sets are a secret female weapon with enormous firepower. Seductive styles, thick lace with a slightly sexy character and premium materials will allow you to nurture your femininity every day. The best-selling day lingerie created by the Obsessive brand is something more than just a sensual body decoration. It is adequately flexible, perfectly fitted and almost invisible. It will go great with the outfits you choose every day, while guaranteeing a perfect alignment of clothes on your body.

Exclusive day lingeriebestsellers from the Obsessive offer 

Obsessive’s best-selling day lingerie are the most beautiful models that come from various stylistic lines. The wide selection includes exclusive proposals in colours that intrigue, stimulate the imagination and entice action. Seductive and minimalistic sets, feminine teddies and chemises as well as sensual panties and bras will undoubtedly make you feel confident, no matter the scenario your day follows.

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