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Touch, words, or maybe hot experiments in the bedroom? What do you think excites men the most? What sexual fantasies come to their minds 24 hours a day? Maybe they don't think about sex at all. Okay, okay... none of us believes in such fairy tales.

So what to do to turn the temperature up in the bedroom? Time to dispel doubts and answer the most important question in the relationship: How to turn a guy on?

  1. Good support

Blue pills? Oh no! We’re talking about much better boosters – pheromones, also known as excitement stimulants. Do you think your man will be able to resist you when you come out of a steam-filled shower straight into his arms? Hmm, certainly not, but just think what will happen if you spray your body with a pheromone perfume. Oh my! You won’t be able to find your way to bed! Maybe it's even better – you’ll take care of each other on the way from the bathroom to... the kitchen, living room, finishing pleasant play on the floor in the hallway!

Can anything be better than hot, spontaneous sex? Maybe not so spontaneous for both of you, because you had planned your "randez vous" with pheromones much earlier. And your man… well, he just fell into your sexy trap!

  1. Time to play...

...the foreplay, which is your favourite!

Are you sure you know how to play it? Do you use all the available tricks? Or do you usually skip this part of pleasure and get straight to the point? Well, quickies can be much more intense than long, sensual play, but if you want to turn a guy on – give him a moment…

The best way to diversify the foreplay is stimulating all his senses. Yes, men are visualizers, but if you deprive him of this sense for a moment… other senses become stronger! This is where the best fun begins!

Once you cover his eyes with a delicate, satin blindfold, let him touch you. Let him wander with his fingertips over your naked body and direct his hands wherever you want them to be. Kiss him without warning, touch his shoulders subtly with your mouth, and even gently bite his ear. Do you see yourself in this incredibly hot situation in your imagination? If so, you already know that the excitement reaches its zenith and it’s time for the rest of this amazing evening.

  1. What women like the most

Sexy lingerie, of course. We love it, guys love it, so – for your and for his pleasure – put your best lingerie set on! Maybe instead of buying something that you like, it's worth asking your man for his opinion?

Do you like black, lace lingerie? He never complains? If he doesn't complain, it means he likes it but... have you ever asked him what he really likes? What he would like to see on you, what his naughty fantasies are. Maybe you’re dreaming about the same things, but you’re both too shy to say it? Go shopping together, even at an online store. Obsessive store can be really helpful for you in this kind of situation, no matter on which level of spiciness you are. The moment of choosing your new erotic lingerie – it will create a pleasant tension between the two of you and this tension will get stronger minute by minute. Choose your favourite set. While waiting for the box filled with pleasure, you’ll already know that it was a good decision. A decision that will bring you hot moments in the bedroom and outside the bedroom as well.

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