Sexy lingerie has many faces – from sensual, even delicate products, to the spicy ones, which will warm up even the coldest evenings. But what to do when a hot night turns into a fight for bedding? What to do if there is a very annoying stowaway between you – boredom? It's time to take matters into your own hands and let the passion and desire for each other reappear in the bedroom. We know exactly how to do it!


…You! But... Your role is the most important here, and more specifically the sexy setting! Have you tried dressing up before? No?! Time to catch up and do your homework from bedroom fun with your loved one! Who else will do it better than a mischievous Studygirl? Now you can play this encouraging role and play it according to your own fancy script. Any ideas? Of course! You can take foreign language lessons with a naughty smile on your face. Physical activity is also very important, so remember about gymnastics and stretching once you organize PE classes at home. Mathematics has always been your weak point? No problem! Counting your sexy experiences will help you become a genius in this matter! Spicy and wild or coquettish and sensual? The decision is yours, but one thing is certain – you’ll enjoy a lot of pleasure!

Take care of the scenography

Are you planning a hot evening with your loved one after which you’ll have a fantastic memory for a long time and your sexy games will never be the same again? Maybe you want to fulfill your (and his) innermost bed fantasies, i.e. hot role playing? Remember about a proper scenography on the set of the evening full of pleasure. Light candles, spray your room with pheromone perfume and – most importantly – plan the right outfit! An amazing experience is coming, so your outfit must create the “wow” effect. Nothing will impress you more than our incredibly sexy and insanely tempting Bunny costume! Let him bite your ear, let him look at your legs wrapped with delicate material and thin straps in the form of frivolous garters... A pleasant thrill has just run across your back, right? Let him chase this sexy, playful bunny you have become, because everyone knows that it's better to chase a bunny than catch it. Or maybe… you want to get caught? Just think what will happen when you jump into this costume and your man will be next to you...

Guardian of passion!

The already mentioned routine doesn’t allow you to have fun? Do you have the impression that you’re bored or just "don't want each other"? The end of that! From today on, a hot police woman will bring back the hot evenings! If you get naughty, you’ll get handcuffed! Spanking and hot kisses – they’ll now be severely punished, so be careful! Do you hide your wild fantasies? If so, quickly let them escape from the hiding place, otherwise... you're in danger of a search that you won't forget for a long time!

This costume will not let you fall asleep, and not because it likes to make noise at night, but because it will make you make noise during the pleasure it will give you!

Feel again how your man can't take his eyes off you. Feel his eyes on your body ready for the upcoming pleasure. Let him fulfill your fantasies so that you can't stop wanting more. Faster heartbeat, pleasant goosebumps – not caused by cold but by his passionate kisses on your neck that you love so much. You don't have to miss it anymore. All this will happen if you try our sexy lingerie in this tempting, fancy edition – just as if you used a magic wand.

Lingerie has many faces. Believe us, if you try it once, you'll love it forever.

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