Hey, girls! How about organizing an extremely crazy bachelorette party you'll remember for the rest of your life? It's hard to say no, right? So, we have very hot bachelorette party ideas for you. Jump with us into our Obsessively creative world and check our inspirations!

Remember, there are no limits during this night. We know that you love having fun, and we'll help you enjoy it even more! You'd better sit down and have a nice time reading about our spicy ideas for the bachelorette party.

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Truth or dare? Get prepared!

Everybody knows this game! It’s great fun and… another bonus is the fact that you can find out a lot about your friends and the bride-to-be. The girl who chooses the truth must answer a question that is not always so obvious. Ask about the things that you've always wanted to know. It's gonna be really fun, and that's just the beginning! What about “dare”? This is the craziest part of the game! Give the bride-to-be a challenge – asking a stranger about his phone number or dancing like crazy in the middle of the street!

Bachelorette party games – mystery in the air

How about organizing a carnival-style bachelorette or hen party? Dress up in totally stunning dresses and go to the club. Play different roles. This evening you can be whoever you want to be! Act like a character from a movie or TV series. Wear sexy Obsessive masks that will give you mysterious charm. During the bachelorette party night you’ll break all barriers of shyness!

Perfect match test

Bachelorette party games give an opportunity to check if the bride-to-be knows her loved one perfectly. Here the maid of honor comes into action! She has to meet the bridegroom before the bachelorette party and ask him some questions. The answers can be recorded. What next? Lots of laugh! Ask the bride-to-be the same questions and compare the lovers’ answers. And the best thing about this game – with every wrong answer, the bride-to-be has to drink one glass or sip of a drink. This is her special evening, she can take a nice break before the wedding ;)

Sentimental marriage scenario

The last bachelorette party idea is a bit more calm than the previous ones, but every woman sometimes likes to dream and visualize the future years of her life. “What will my marriage look like? How many children will I have? Will we have a spicy and exciting love life?” The bride-to-be asks herself these questions, too. Let her write the answers on pieces of paper and put them in a bottle. She can read them in the future to check if everything has come true (we already know that exciting love life will come true, especially with hot Obsessive lingerie!).

Hen party games – time to play!

Oooh no, is it the end?! No, no, no… That’s just a beginning. You already know what you’re going to do, what bachelorette party games you’re going to play, and we already know what else you need. Get the drinks and take a fantastic mood with you! You’ll remember this night forever. We wish you wonderful fun!

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