One of your friends is planning to change marital status and you and your friends want to organize a crazy hen party for her? It's going to be a great time! The only thing that worries you all the time, is an unique gift. Don't worry! We have 5 propositions for you, which will completely surprise the Bride and will make you happy while unpacking the gift together. What's more, they will also make future bridegroom's heart will beat faster!

A set of underwear for this special night!

Did you know that over 70% of brides forget to buy underwear for the wedding night? It seems unbelievable, but that's what's happening! Think of your friend and help her to organize the whole event. Your contribution will be elegant, tempting and absolutely seductive. We offer you a sensual corset in a set with thongs - which, made of delicate mesh, full of original details, will appeal to even the most demanding tastes. Don't forget to add white stockings, perfectly matched to the garter belt, which will give the whole styling a very predatory look.

komplet białej bielizny na noc poślubną

>>> Bridal Lingerie <<<

Perfumes with pheromones

Maybe you will surprise your friend and everyone gathered at the hen party with a completely original gift? Incredibly fragrant perfumes with the addition of pheromones will be a fantastic surprise! The elegant bottle hides the true essence of the senses. You can choose between three seductive scents - sexy, spicy, fun. Remember that such a gift will never be associated by the newlyweds with a boring bottle of perfume, which is received e.g. on the occasion of a birthday. Choosing a gift from among perfumes with pheromones, you will really give them unforgettable, new experiences!

perfumy z feromonami Obsessive

>>> Perfumes with pheromones for her <<<

Obsessive costumes

Do you know your friend like no one else and you know that she is eager to try out completely crazy novelties? Or maybe on the contrary - she is quiet and calm, and you would like her to go a little crazy? Don't waste your time! Inspire her! To do this, check out our costume collection. You can choose between a sexy policeman, a stewardess and a passionate housemaid. We offer you a really large selection of naughty lingerie that should be in every young wife's wardrobe!

seksowny kostium pielęgniarki Obsessive

>>> See all sexy costiumes <<<

Massage set - candle and oil

If you would like your gift to be a source of unforgettable moments for the bride and groom, think about buying a special candle and massage oil. Their fragrance, enriched with pheromones, leads to a loss of senses. This is a real sensual massage room in your own home and an ideal gift for couples looking for sensual sensations.

olejek i świeca do masażu z feromonami obsessive

>>> Massage candles and oils <<<

Set of underwear for special occasions

The simplest solutions are sometimes the best! Which of the women would say “no!” to the new lingerie set? Take a look at our suggestions, in which we've put together a few products for a complete evening outfit!

Maybe you will choose a sexy set with sensual stripes that perfectly emphasize feminine shapes? This four-piece set is full of seductive charm. A bra, thong, peignoir, sensual stockings and a garter belt - all in one!

obsessive_zestaw bielizny_854-lingerie set

Maybe you prefer to choose something more surprising, with the addition of a seductive burgundy? Satin lingerie set consisting of a bra, a garter belt, stockings and thong, decorated with eyelash lace, is a guarantee of pleasant sensations and fulfilment of the bride and groom's fantasy!

obsessive_861-zestaw-3 lingerie full set

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Regardless of which set you will choose, one thing is certain - each of them will bring joy to your friend. And not only that! Finally, the prospect of an upcoming wedding night makes it a gift for the bride and groom!


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