Beachwear is a garment that causes the most problems for women around the world, and we, Polish women, although considered one of the most attractive, are also among the least confident representatives of the fair sex.

Very few of us think we have a good figure, moreover, most women have insecurities regarding some part of their body, and even during beauty contests, super-slim candidates get the most nervous when they have to present themselves in a bathing suit.

We always manage to find something that can be improved. Whether it’s breasts that are too small, big stomachs, excessively large hips, flat buttocks, or short legs. And even if these problems are not exaggerated, we also want to feel good on the beach. The sun itself has a positive effect on our mood and self-esteem. The most important things are smiling, energy, and self-confidence, but it’s also worth choosing the right beach outfit to emphasize your assets and mask minor imperfections of the figure. So, what to go for: a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit?

The dilemmas

For starters, we have to make sure that we like it and feel great in it, because the most important thing is the energy we emit. That is the basic rule when choosing any outfit, but we should also remember a few rules. Slim, shapely, and proportionally built girls will look great in both bikinis and one-piece swimsuits; all they have to do is choose the color and style to match their look. We have already talked about how to creatively use swimsuits not only at the beach (

Small and big breasts

If you’re slim, but don’t have legs like the Hadid sisters, you can also afford both a bikini, e.g. the zebra-print Carribella micro bikini, or our black Costarica bikini with straps), and a one-piece swimsuit (e.g. the blue one-piece Scarleta swimsuit), but pay attention to the high-cut panties that will optically lengthen the legs.

Women with small breasts usually prefer to choose push-up cups, but our golden Goldivia bikini will also work great, as it shimmers beautifully in the sun and optically enlarges the bust.

If you want to hide the belly, go for a one-piece like the black Beverelle swimsuit that will not only make you look slimmer, but draw all the eyes away from the stomach thanks to the sexy binding on the back.

You can also reach for a two-piece swimsuit, but with high panties that provide more coverage to help mask the unnecessary folds, like our beige Hamptonella bikini. 

Women with larger breasts can choose either a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit, but they must pay attention to thicker straps to provide support for the bust, e.g. the blue Cobaltica bikini.

Beach kimonos and cover-ups are a great addition to the summer outfit, drawing attention away from the flaws of the figure and adding sex appeal.

But don't forget that the most important thing is a beautiful smile and positive well-being. So, walk on proudly and have fun, regardless of what you have on. 

We wish you a beautiful summer.

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