idealne prezenty na rocznice związku

A gift for the anniversary for her, for him… for you!

Your anniversary is coming and you are starting to look for a gift that will appeal to your partner and allow you to spend an unforgettable time together? A concert or a dinner is a good idea, but only as a prelude to the really hot moments that will make this evening stay in your memory for a long time! We have prepared for you a list of gifts that will please both of you. After all, this is a really special time!

What kind of gift to choose for the anniversary?

  1. Massage set

Start the evening with a gentle and sensual massage. Our massage oil enriched with pheromones, in combination with your touch, will relax your partner’s body, perfectly preparing it for the next unforgettable attractions. You can also use a candle that will turn into a warm mix of velvety oils, giving you a signal for an upcoming stronger experience.

For a man, it may be a completely new experience, for which he will be grateful to you for a really long time. Women, on the other hand, love massages, thanks to which they feel pampered in every way. This specific type of touch is also a great “didactic help” in rediscovering the partner’s erogenous body map. Check how well you know each other and what else can surprise you both…

olejek i świeca do masażu z feromonami obsessive

>>> Massage oils and massage candles  <<< 

  1. Original underwear for the evening

Beautiful and seductive lingerie is a gift that will always work. Sexy corset with stripes is an exceptionally tempting and elegant set, on which both women and men go crazy! The alluring combination of two materials and lace perfectly emphasizes feminine shapes and is at the same time a pleasure for the partner’s eyes! In fact, this form of a gift is a great idea to celebrate the anniversary for both of you. After all, it announces the sweetest moments, which will be your common pleasure!

czarny koronkowy gorset Obsessive

>>> Sexy black corset <<<

Obsessive offers you a very large selection of lingerie tailored to such occasions, different temperaments and personalities. From classic sets, through crazy bodystocking to the madness of sexy corsets style connected with stockings and garter belts. Everyone will find something for themselves. And which set do you choose today?

>>> Obsessive lingerie sets <<<

  1. Boost the atmosphere for the wedding anniversary

If you are looking for a gift for the wedding anniversary, which will please your man, you should pay attention to the brave, red set of lingerie. Laceful, cupless bra and naughty crotchless thong do not need any explanation… Nothing awakens the senses of a guy more than a beloved one in a suggestive outfit that promises the magnitude of an unforgettable experience!

Maybe you decide to go one step further and try dressing up and role-playing? Check out the costumes that we have prepared for you! You can choose the outfit of a naughty student as a gift for the anniversary. From what task will you start this lesson? The pupil’s costume will certainly confuse even the calmest teacher… The transparent top, cute collar, short skirt and sexy panties leave no illusions… Try to get a good grade! Unless you… count on a second meeting with the teacher! This is really a good start to a common, rude adventure, which will allow you to rediscover your preferences and make you forget about everyday life.

odważny czerwony komplet bielizny na walentynki obsessive

>>> Spicy red lingerie set <<<

  1. Tempting accessories

This is not the end of our proposals on the anniversary of the relationship or wedding. Sometimes a small gadget is enough to arouse emotions. Playful crop with lace, delicate cuffs, lace mittens and nipple covers will allow you to move into the world known to you only from the cult novel about Christian Gray.

If you can’t decide whether a bit more hardcore games are for you, it’s high time to find out what the unknown area of your relationship hides. Think about complementing the above-mentioned accessories with the mysterious blindfold. It will sharpen the rest of your senses to the limits of endurance and allow you to enjoy the pleasure in a previously unknown dimension… It can be an unforgettable night!

obsessive erotic acessories

>>> See Obsessive accessories <<<

Remember that unique gifts, even the smallest ones, give the other person a clear signal that he or she is someone special to you. After all, what counts most are gestures that evoke memories and positive emotions! We hope that thanks to our obsessive gift proposals for the anniversary, you will spend many unforgettable moments together!