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Properly fitted lingerie, especially panties, can be your best friend. We meet your needs by offering various styles that will emphasize the shape of your derriere in a stunning way. No matter if nature gave you a bigger or a smaller one – you’ll surely find something for yourself! Get ready!

Round’n around!

You love comfort and round derriere is your dream? Nothing easier! Choose sexy panties that will not only round your booty, but also give you full comfort. During a day or in bed, when you want to feel fantastic or when you want to encourage him to play together – female panties will give you confidence and amazingly emphasize your derriere and legs. Those with lace finish will add some elegance. They’ll be your must-have at your next shopping time!

Less means more…

…to admire and to touch! And that only means one thing – even more hot evenings... and mornings... and lazy afternoons! Women usually choose a classic thong. Why? Because it ensures comfort and full pleasure. It allows you to discover your full feminine charm that you want to use to seduce your man from time to time. What will charm him best? Your beautifully emphasized and exposed derriere! You know how much he likes it, so why not to show it? If you like unique designs, choose a thong with guipure decoration above the derriere. It’s incredibly stylish and it will blend nicely with your body. You’ll wear less and at the same time you’ll feel more pleasure...

Don't show everything

Not right away. Let him have something to dream about. Your figure is characterized by narrow hips and a small bottom? Dear, choose our beautiful and incredibly comfortable shorties that perfectly fit your body type. Enjoy your amazing look and emphasized shapes. Shorties with lace will give you a sexy look with a touch of elegance – you’ll love it! White, red, black shorties... In Obsessive it’s often hard to choose your favourite style and colour because you feel that you want everything ;). So don’t hesitate. Let these pleasant, soft materials wrap your beautiful body!

Oh, it will be hot!

Have you just imagined your spicy games with him? Do you want to wear something incredibly sexy on your derriere? Open-crotch panties, or so-called panties with a hole – they’ll be your ally during this exciting journey to pleasure! They’re delicate and soft, but also super hot and spicy. You'll feel it soon, at your first close meeting with our crotchless panties. But will he like such unusual panties with a hole? We’ll leave this question unanswered. You’ll check it and then you’ll let us know! We’re pretty sure that there will be a lot to talk about…

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