October 3rd is the date you must mark in red in your calendar. National Boyfriend Day is a great opportunity not only to show your loved one how important he is to you, but also to fulfill his hidden fantasies.

We could bet on all the treasures in the world that he’s not expecting anything special. If anything, he probably thinks that you’re going to get him some new tech gadget, or another grooming product. That’s why we want to talk you into buyingwomen’s underwear for him for Boyfriend Day. No, not for him. For yourself. And in fact… a little bit for yourself, and a little bit for him.

Surprise – the best gift for Boy's Day

We’re not gonna lie – when creating our Obsessive collections, we think about you first. To make you feel beautiful, sexy, and special in your body (and our underwear). But the truth is, we always think about the question, “Will HE enjoy it too?” Will you captivate him better in an elegant corset or in a boldly revealing bodystocking? What will he do when he sees you at breakfast in a sensual black lace bathrobe? Will he leave work early when you send him a photo wearing a mask, a flogger in your hand, or in a sexy black harness, revealing what awaits him in the evening?

Open at your own risk

Will he go speechless when you show yourself to him in your new nightgown? And how will he react when you welcome him home in a naughty nurse or school girl costume?

We’re convinced that when you hand him our iconic white box with the words “Open at your own risk”, he won’t know what to expect. And when he finally dares to open it, we guarantee that he’ll be more than satisfied. In our 15 years of creating the Obsessive brand, we have not yet met a man who would be able to resist a woman in a set of red lace lingerie. A man who wouldn’t like the idea of spicing up the atmosphere in the bedroom by ​​adding sensual accessories, and who wouldn’t be affected by the sight of thigh-highs attached to a sexy garter belt.

Surprise with a sexy disguise!

So he mentioned a couple days ago that he’d like a new console game for Boyfriend Day? Don’t worry that you didn’t get it for him. He’ll forget all about it the moment he sees your new role in the bedroom: a sexy flight attendant, a hot secretary, or an alluring policewoman. Instead of spending the night playing, he’ll be happy to arrest you, write a business plan with you, or simply fly away with you. And in the morning he’ll start figuring out how to get the day off at work after that intoxicating night.

Underwear for you both – the best gift for him

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with giving him new headphones, interesting perfume, or tickets to a game. But let’s be honest – all these sensual things beat every other gift to the punch. Why? Because they’re really a gift for both of you. And although Boyfriend Day is his holiday – soft satin panties, a bra that emphasizes the bust, and seductive bodystockings will remain in your wardrobe and will give everyday pleasure… to you.

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