Thousands of women loved them, and the top titles of fashion magazines praise them to heaven. This new trend in lingerie fashion has come to the salons and wardrobes of women who want to be seen as icons of style.

They are recommended not only as comfortable, luxurious and naturally sexy lingerie but also as a trendsetter's accessory! See if you can become a fan of them, too. As experts, we take you on a fascinating journey through the world of these sensual bras – bralettes!

Bralette - what's that?

It's the first time you've heard that alien-sounding name and wondered, "Bralette, what's that?" The term comes from the French (and how could it be otherwise when it comes to fashion!) word "bralette", which means a mini top made of triangular pieces of lace.  The bralette bra is simply a soft bra, without underwires, stiffeners or push-up fillers. Among the most popular models dominates the lace bralette. Still, manufacturers allow themselves to more and more variations on the subject, willing to include in their collection’s satin, delicate mesh, soft materials and fancy applications.  The basic principle is one- soft, comfortable and luxurious! More and more women give up push-up bras every day and choose naturalness. That's what bralettes do.

Be "body-positive"!

Have you ever heard of a body-positive trend that promotes natural beauty and self-acceptance? It involves not only the activist community but also the most important fashion brands, actors, singers, celebrities and personal trainers.  They all convince that true beauty does not require " plastic packaging ", which often even obscures and disfigures it. Every woman is a pearl that requires only a minimal setting, emphasizing her beauty and uniqueness. Bralettes are the answer to these demands. These small, lacy, delicate lingerie wonders were created especially for women - their comfort, desires and needs.

Bralettes - get to know the most trendy styles!

The fashion market loves women and listens carefully to their needs. Lingerie designs that warp women's natural shapes are now gone... or the Haute Couture collection. Of course, we are talking about sophisticated corsets and richly decorated lingerie models. Designers let their everyday collections be relaxed, comfortable and naturally beautiful!  That is why a lace bralette or a bralette with stripes are the best friends of true fashionists! You may be asked why they are so important when underwear shouldn't be visible in classic outfits anyway? Well, bralettes break this unwritten rule.

How to wear bralettes? Learn from the best!

Designers usually combine them with slightly transparent materials, loose casual shirts or oversized sweaters, jackets and shoulder discovering sweatshirts. Thanks to the fact that the bralette bra is a combination of a classic bra and a top, its visibility even in everyday styling is not considered inappropriate or inelegant. On the contrary - it is a fashionable, tempting, eye-catching detail that is becoming more and more popular every day. Don't you believe it? Track down the social media of the most famous celebrities and see some of their stylizations with bralettes as the main characters!

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