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Brunetka w seksownym body z kuszą
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Briefs, boxers, jockstraps – i.e. men’s underwear exposed!

 Very often unappreciated, considered unimportant, and left obscured in everyday life – men’s underwear doesn’t have to be subject to stereotypes! At first glance it may seem that classic men’s boxers or briefs are unable to fit into modern trends, but you couldn’t be more wrong! This autumn, Obsessive will be proud to present the long-awaited and unbelievably sexy men’s collection that will heat up the atmosphere in many bedrooms! Get a sneak peek of the seductive products that are soon to appear! 

Wild about animal print men’s briefs!

  Deep black, translucent material and incredibly masculine style are those elements that make the Azmeron briefs stand out among others. This excellently cut model will perfectly adapt to the male figure, giving a sense of comfort and emphasising every man’s assets. The silver pendant on the front adds chic and elegance and turns the classic brief into an unbelievably sexy wardrobe element, ready for hot fun with your lady!

Obsessiver will make you red-hot!

The Obsessiver collection surely knows how to make you lose your mind! These two unique models – boxers and a men’s thong in juicy red will ensure a super sexy look, not only in the bedroom! They’ll add self confidence when worn underneath clothes, but watch out: they won’t let you focus on anything but wanting to spend a hot night with a morning finale!

Men’s briefs that just have it in them!

 Another item on our list are classic men’s briefs in two timeless colour options – black and red. The sexy translucent mesh on the sides catches the eye and brings out men’s assets even further. The comfortable cut allows for non-restrained movements even during bedroom play! The elastic, top-notch quality fabrics ideally fit to the body shape, guaranteeing a seductive and masculine look!

Even more spice – jockstraps!

This very special model is characterised by a naughty cut and made for fun of exactly that nature! The history of this type of underwear goes back to sports – originally, jockstraps were used by athletes and their main role was to prevent potential injuries. And what about today? Every modern man should have this remarkably sexy piece in their wardrobe, and in terms of sports… bedroom activity can also be considered one, right? 😉 

More than just underwear…

 Are you as eager to see our extraordinarily hot models of men’s underwear as we are? We have a lot more to reveal than you think! Follow us on social media and see for yourself that boxers and sexy briefs are just the beginning! We have collections that are seething with testosterone soon joining the Obsessive land of pleasure – they will surely change your perception of men’s underwear! 

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A bikini for small breasts – we know how to do it!

Summer is here, and it’s making us want to get a new swimsuit! Which model should you go for  if you wear size A or B? We come to the rescue and advise you which bikini to choose for small breasts!

A triangle? Choose a classic bikini for a small bust!

A small bust feels fantastic in the company of a bra with triangular cups. This cut beautifully exposes and emphasises the breasts, and the neckline looks super sexy. The triangle bikini is a classic and timeless proposal. Universal black also never goes out of fashion, and on top of that – it adds elegance and style. In turn, models with pastel or juicy colours will emphasise your tan during holiday trips.

The perfect bikini for small breasts is also the texture of the material gently shimmering in the sun. Shiny parts subtly reflect the light, making the breasts look bigger and more prominent. So if you want to enlarge your breasts without a scalpel – a swimsuit can help you out with that!

Micro bikini = maxi possibilities!

   A perfect golden tan that covers every inch of your body? It’s possible only with a unique bikini in a micro format! The name refers to the microscopic bra cups with a triangular shape, which emphasise and reveal the breasts in a very sexy way. This summer bikini usually comes with a tempting thong that emphasises the derriere and beautifully accentuates the shape of the hips. Do you want to reveal your body and show off all your figure’s assets? If so, then this micro bikini for small breasts is just for you!

Bandeau – the perfect bikini for a small bust!

   The bandage bra cut is made for small breasts! This inconspicuous “bust band” can create a very hot holiday outfit, sensually revealing your shoulders and back. The bandeau swimsuit beautifully embraces the body, and the products are varied with additional straps that can be tied on the neck or in the form of shoulder straps, which will allow you to gently lift and support the breasts, giving a sense of comfort and convenience.

In a sporty style

   A bikini with a sporty cut is a dream come true for lovers of comfort and fans of holiday sports! The inconspicuous cut gives a sense of comfort during summer activities and temptingly emphasises the assets of the figure. Its flexible straps ensure that everything stays in place, and the soft and body-fitting material perfectly supports smaller breasts. Would you like to go wild in the hot sunshine without fear that your bikini bra will suddenly end up in the wrong place? Check out our sporty swimwear for small breasts and head to the beach confidently!

One-piece swimwear for a small bust

Knowing the many bikinis for small breasts, let’s not forget that one-piece swimsuits are now going through a revival and are just as comfortable with small breasts! Beautifully emphasised waist and hips, deep necklines designed for small breasts and unique baywatch-style cuts – it’s a sin not to have at least one in your wardrobe! Do you like non-obvious solutions? Are you looking for something that will give you full comfort and convenience, but at the same time ensure a graceful and sex appealing look? Perhaps a one-piece swimsuit is just right for you! A classic model reminiscent of Baywatch, or maybe a sensual, modern cut combined with an animal pattern? You choose!

In our offer you will find all of the above swimsuits for small breasts and tempting one-piece swimsuits with more or less fancy cuts. Come visit us before the season!

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Summer swimsuits you will love

This year’s Obsessive swimwear collection presents itself very diversely. Our swimsuit offer has been enriched by two one-piece swimsuits and a couple of types of the infallible bikini. They were all designed with demanding and fashionable women in mind – those who value modern style and timeless elegance. Once again, the Obsessive brand is characterized by style that draws attention with its designs and bold cuts.

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A corset made for styling

It has probably never crossed your mind to pair an incredibly sexy corset with a white T-shirt and wear that kind of outfit to a dinner with friends? You’ve probably never thought of wearing a corset for any occasion other than a romantic night with your SO. And yet… this strap corset is extraordinary and will surely impress you with its versatility. Continue reading

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The most beautiful bridal lingerie 

So you said “YES” and there’s an engagement ring sparkling on your finger. It’s time to plan the most important day in your life. You have your veil, shoes, and your dream wedding dress. There’s only one little detail left – what are you going to wear under your wedding dress? If you’re not sure, we’ll help you make the right choice. Bridal lingerie for 2022 is waiting for you at Continue reading

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Fashion obsession

There’s something magical about lingerie. We discover it every time we look at the photos you tag us in on Instagram. We love your ideas – how boldly you combine all those fantastic lace bras, bodysuits, and bodystockings with the clothes you wear every day. We admire your fashion intuition that lets you innovatively show peignoirs, and surprise us with how you style babydoll chemises. 

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Secrets Of The Parisian Style

They have a soft spot for clothes, but it’s underwear that they spend most of their money on. French women make sure that what they wear closest to their skin is beautiful, comfortable, and triggers the senses. When Netflix announced that the second season of “Emily in Paris” would be coming out this winter, the hearts of fashionistas (including ours) started beating faster. Thanks to Emily, we will once again feel even just for a moment as if we were the ones living on the Seine.

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Fall-winter trends 2021/2022

Trends? We know everything about them! Goodbye leggings, hoodies and oversized T-shirts! Great fashion is back in great style! We’re expecting a real explosion of trends this fall and winter. Sequins, knits, and colors that make your head spin are coming to the forefront. Get ready for a quick overview of what is about to win our hearts (and our wardrobes).

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The Festival LOOK, or the music to Obsessive’s ears

Earlier this year, music fans from all over the world were saddened again. In February, we received information that for the second time the largest music festival, Coachella, will not take place due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It’s this event that has been setting trends in both music and fashion for years. Every year, California was visited by hundreds of thousands of people craving fun.

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