Give emotions – a unique gift for a girlfriend!


Birthdays, holidays or Valentine’s Day – there are so many opportunities to give this one, unique, perfect gift. A thing that will be practical enough not to be forgotten and stylish enough to appeal to the recipient’s taste.

You are scrupulously looking for the ideal. You are tirelessly diving deep into the Internet and encouraged by newer and newer offers, you decide to buy something that may eventually turn out to be a wrong idea. Do you really need an ideal? Do you need an occasion? Or maybe creating it will be a gift in itself?

“The best things in life are not the things”

In line with this principle, let’s focus for a moment on what is important in life. Moments spent together, joy, passion, excitement, emotions. Emotions. They make the celebration of each moment remembered for a long time.

Is a picnic at sunset a good gift idea for a girlfriend? Yes of course. In addition to the delicacies that you will probably want to serve outdoors, you will also serve a whole lot of emotions and impressions perceived through the senses. You will create a memory that will stay forever in your memory and in the memory of your loved one. Will it be perfect? Not necessarily, but does it have to be? It will be yours. Unique and unique.

A gift for a girl that will stand the test of time

Self-confidence, self-acceptance, finding your own femininity – it would seem that these are things that cannot be given away. However, if you decide to give a gift in the form of a lingerie photo shoot, things will take a completely different turn. A woman in front of the lens of a good photographer can very quickly leave her comfort zone and see the advantages of her body, even those she considers to be disadvantages on a daily basis.

Of course, a very important element of this type of gift is styling, in this case lingerie. Remember that the interested person must first of all feel comfortable and feminine in it, so it is worth taking care of it in advance and having a few sensual sets in store. Check out There you will surely choose something suitable for the occasion.

This gift for a girl has a slightly higher cost, but imagine how much emotion such a photo rediscovered after many years will evoke – it is definitely a priceless gift!


Help her spread her wings!

Your loved one has a passion that she would like to develop, but due to her daily duties she constantly puts “herself” off until later? If you want to motivate and stimulate her to act, offer her a course that will help develop her interests and maybe even become an incentive to start her own business. Confectionery, gastronomic, gardening or cosmetic – the offer of courses is huge, so finding the right one should not be a problem.

A gift for a girl – do it yourself!

Have you heard about the jar of wishes? It is extremely simple to make and it will be a very satisfying gift for a girl as you can make it yourself. All you need is a jar, sheets of paper and a pen. Write down what you want to say to your loved one, something that will make her smile or bring back positive memories. “You look beautiful today”, “Do you remember our romantic picnic at sunset?” – you are only limited by your imagination!

You can also title the jar “For what I love you” and briefly describe your feelings on each of card, for example: “for being able to listen”, “for your patience”, “for the fact that you are always nearby” etc. Such a nice message read every morning will surely make your beloved in a good mood and energy.


Fast and fourious

You both like adrenaline? Do you want to experience something crazy together, something to which you will be able to recall during those quiet, long evenings spent together? Go to the car track and treat yourself to quite a thrill! Dizzying speed, a pleasant rumble of the engine and only you two driving your dream car on the way to nowhere. Sounds like a good plan doesn’t it? Break stereotypes and instead of flowers or your favorite perfumes, choose a gift for a girl that will please both of you.

Let the music play!

It has been known for a long time that music soothes manners, leads to euphoria or allows you to plunge into nostalgia. So if you want to prepare a gift for a girl that will evoke various emotions – create several playlists for her, from which she will be able to choose depending on her mood. A playlist for a rainy day, full of happiness, a romantic evening for two or a playlist for work. This practical and very easy-to-make gift will surely appeal to the recipient, if you only make a discreet interview beforehand, what music is she listening to, or maybe… you already know exactly what she likes? To work!


What’s important

Gifts can take many forms, ranging from material things to everyday moments worth celebrating appropriately. Let’s remember to create memories, dream and make those dreams come true. Let us become the most valuable gift for ourselves, which is worth unpacking every day and admiring it again.



Wedding styles for brave women

Many articles have been written about bridal lingerie. Almost every lingerie brand offers collections that perfectly match a wedding dress. Normally, these are nude or white sets or one-piece bodysuits and their main role is to be comfortable and nicely hide under a white dress. And what if we were to go for something groundbreaking and show off our lingerie to the guests, adding a bit of edge to the innocent white?

Wedding accessories – a bride in a harness

Ironically, choosing a smooth and simple wedding dress allows for lots of variety. Adornments, ruffles and lace give character and emphasise the wedding gown’s style, but they often don’t leave much room for changes. A simple cut lets your imagination run wild and you choose wedding accessories according to your mood, the weather and all other circumstances! 

The first recommendation to go with a simple cut is the Cameliana strap corset composed of elastic straps. It only accentuates the contours of the body without attempting to cover even a tiny bit of it. Can this be a good choice for a bridal outfit? According to the Obsessive stylists – it surely can! All you need is a bit of imagination, a dash of courage and a pinch of enthusiasm to break the conventions of wedding styles. The final result can be very surprising! 

And what if we took it a step further and matched a bold and very erotic harness with the wedding dress? This type of lingerie enjoys lots of popularity at Obsessive, though it’s not necessarily an element of a bridal outfit… But that’s what stylists are for! The gold A765 harness model worn over a smooth, fitting top or dress takes on an entirely new character. The bride will not only look beautiful and elegant, but also so sexy! Continue reading


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Perfect gift – Christmas lingerie!

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Summer is a period of the year when we have much more time and energy to have fun. We want to enjoy the fresh air and favorable weather, so we usually move our partying outside.      A pool party, garden party, BBQ, bonfire or a party on the terrace – these are the activities we usually go for. The days are longer and nights are hot, so maybe you’ll also choose to organize a summer party at your home?

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