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How many times do you wonder what to put on for the special evening together? What lingerie he likes? What will make you feel confident and liberated? Do you even have time to think about it?

In the huge load of daily activities you push pleasure into the background and finally the action stops and the evening doesn’t go as you want it, right? Don't worry, you don't have to try to find a good solution – that's our job. We’re specialists in “what to wear in bed”. And today we’ve come to you with several suggestions.

Pinking about you!

Can you imagine yourself in... pink? And we're not talking about a delicate, pastel colour. We're talking about a deep fuchsia colour with a pinch of crazy neon – in the form of a sexy teddy! And you have a lot of hidden wildness inside you, right? You dream about a sensational night with your loved one, about making your fantasies come true! You've always wanted to add a little bit of fun and playfulness to your bed habits! Have you just nodded? Oh, my love! You can imagine yourself in pink!

Bless your legs!

Jump into your tights and take him to the hot bed! Tights? Aww yeah! We’re not joking. We have completely unique, amazing tights for you! A delicate knit wraps your legs and makes you look at yourself with admiration and desire. Incredibly sexy cut-outs on the derriere will emphasize your shapes and give you a huge dose of confidence. You’ll soon realize that you don't need anything else!

Who’s gonna blush first?

What turns you on? It’s called... Obsessive! And here’s another proposal that will make you feel fantastic. Red, hot and spicy! No, we aren’t describing chilli peppers. It’s our knitted teddy! Let him surreptitiously look at your tempting, uncovered back and derriere. Let him look from the neckline to... the tummy! Ignite his senses, just let him watch you and let yourself feel great. Who blushes first? Never mind, you both won this evening!

A pinch of elegance doesn’t hurt!

But just a pinch! Chic designs, tempting cut-outs and a frivolous, satin bow. These are the hot details of the knitted B119 teddy. If you imagine your man's face while he’s admiring your stunning look, you'll easily find your way to the land of pleasure – Obsessive! You’ll want the soft and delicate material to wrap your body and create a perfect unity with you. You'll want to feel the excitement which comes with every carefully planned evening with him. We’re right and you know that. You also know what to do and you can’t wait to do it!



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