Perfume, a belt, woolen socks, or maybe… an ugly Christmas sweater with a reindeer on it? If that’s not really the direction you want to go when looking for a Christmas gift for your man, then we have a wonderful solution for you.  Check out our hot holiday gift ideas and trends for December 2021!

Let’s think about it. What’s not going to be another cliche Christmas gift, but instead arouse his interest and even stimulate his imagination? Hmm, we got this reaaaaaally devilish idea – you! For a wonderful Santa Lady this should be no big deal. Dressed up in something cute and unique, you’ll be your man’s one-of-a-kind Christmas gift in a seductive version that will give you both tons of pleasure! Do you want fireworks long before New Year’s Eve? Keep reading to find the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend or husband! 

Christmas gift for a romantic boyfriend 

Lace, lace, lace. Regardless of the color, you know how much he loves the look of that light and sensual fabric on you. You love it when his fingertips delicately follow a floral pattern to your favorite spot. Why not take advantage of it then? Jump into lace lingerie this Christmas and give your romantic a lovely end of the year! Sexy Obsessive lingerie will be an ideal addition to your gift. Put on the most commonly chosen Christmas present – the incredible Lovlea bodysuit, or our newest Redessia set in a sensual tint of red. Decorate your body with coquettish lace and prepare for… the already mentioned fireworks! 



Christmas gift for a boyfriend – the super hot version

If you’re thinking that we’re about to tell you where to get the hottest jalapeño peppers – you’re wrong! It’s not the type of spiciness we’re talking about. We mean a hot version of a Christmas gift for your husband. Or perhaps you already know what you’re going to get your naughty elf?

If you like the caress of soft satin on your skin, go for the Giftella set. The name itself hints at it being the best choice for a Christmas gift for your boyfriend. The lovely bows on the breasts will give you girly charm and the juicy red will make you both red hot even when it’s cold outside!

Or maybe… classic black, a feminine cut, a bit of the Christmas sparkle, and a beautiful red bow to top it all off? Yup, yup, we know that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. Here’s the ideal holiday gift for your husband – you, dressed in the fun Tienesy bodysuit! It’s definitely a better option than another pair of socks. We feel like you’ll be reminiscing on this Christmas for a long, long time! 



A Christmas gift idea for the lover of elegance 

Straps and translucent materials. We have a whole lot of those, that’s why you get a whole lot of opportunities to warm up your holiday nights with incredibly sexy Christmas lingerie

Our first suggestion is the extraordinarily alluring Raquelia collection. You want him to notice only what’s hidden under the sensuality of lace? This collection will perfectly correspond with your body and work as a phenomenal Christmas gift for your boyfriend! What will you go with? A corset, set, or maybe girly chemise?



Another unique holiday present idea is our hot new product – the seductive Giully collection! A little hint? If you want it to be really fun, order the wonderful lace set with a top or a bodysuit. The captivating animal print will not only catch his attention: it’ll make him want to enjoy his gift all night long. 



Are you turned on? We’re getting hot over here! 

Do you want your boyfriend’s Christmas gift to not only be naughty, but also stunningly elegant? Choose the Yassmyne peignoir. The see-through material will flirtatiously embrace your body, and the satin belt at the waist will direct your man to the target, like the brightest Christmas star! Match this set with a babydoll tied with a bow on the breasts or the set: bra, thong, and garter belt. 



Or… are you looking for a spicy holiday gift idea for a couple? We have something exceptionally fun! The bold Kokietta set that you can match with accessories from the same set that absolutely ignite the senses – lace mittens and face mask. Heavenly sensations guaranteed! 



So, do you already have an idea for what’s going to appear under the Christmas tree labeled “A gift for my man”? 

The Obsessive Team wishes you a hot and pleasurable Christmas that will stay in your mind for years to come and give you lovely memories of a wonderful time spent together! 


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