Ho-ho-ho! Xmas is getting closer and closer, and with it an opportunity to give someone a wonderful gift! How to do it without spending more than €50 and still put a biiiiig smile on someone’s face?

It’s soooo obvious. You can get beautiful lingerie for your loved one, friend, mother, or whomever you want! Do you think the choice is difficult? No way! We’ll debunk these myths for you. See what our hard working elves have prepared – the perfect gift guide. Our suggestions will surely appeal to you and solve the standard problem of choosing a gift.

Here are our ideas for a Christmas gift under €50. Enjoy!

A gift for a woman – lingerie she will love!

Sexy lingerie is a very good choice for a person whose size you don’t know. If you’re looking for something for your partner, you can go crazy – you know her best and you know that she’s naughty! However, we’re convinced that delicate lace lingerie will also be a wonderful surprise.

We recommend the Espanita set with an extraordinary cut and lace that’s pleasant to the touch. It will certainly be useful for heating up the atmosphere, but also for everyday wear. Another proposal is the 867 teddy, which is our absolute hit! Perfect for fans of comfort and gorgeous black lace. Now it's time for a red beauty! The divine 853 chemise will be perfect for any occasion and ignite the senses of the person receiving the gift.

Cosmetic gifts for under €50 – beautiful scent

Picture this scenario... You’re preparing a hot bath, the scent of a bath bomb is spreading  throughout the house and immediately starts attracting  your other half. We’re not surprised, our pheromone-packed cosmetics are extremely tempting and increase the spiciness level! So to make a perfect gift set, you need one of our three bath bombs, sexy panties, a box of her favourite chocolates and our gift box which is so beautiful that you don’t need to wrap or decorate it. It will make the best Christmas gift for under €50!

Another idea for a Christmas gift that includes cosmetics, a more exclusive one – our pheromone perfumes. The evening will be even better than you can imagine…

Tempting costumes

We know that there are also lovers of more frivolous lingerie, including sexy costumes for special occasions. Don't worry, we also make those dreams come true! A sexy costume is a perfect Christmas gift under €50. What will cause a bigger smile than the opportunity for playfulness in the bedroom? Believe us, she’ll fall in love with a gift like that. Sometimes every woman wants to let her fantasies go wild and play the role of a sexy Santa Lady.

Chemises and babydoll for a holiday gift

Getting  a gift for a girlfriend is not always easy! Don’t you worry if you don't know the size of the person you’re buying for. The cuts of our chemises and babydolls let you buy them without knowing the exact measurements. You’ll make every night turn into an event full of excitement. Chemises envelop the body in a sexy way and the babydoll embraces it temptingly. We bet you already know what you want to get her… ;)

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