Welcome to our kingdom of mint pleasure! Delicanta collection will delight you and your loved one. It looks innocent but… it will spice up your nights.

You’ll fall in love with this subtle lace, surprising colour and variety of styles. There's something sexy for every woman. Just put it on and give him a playful, coquettish smile.

Try it, wear it, love it

Sometimes each of us wants to feel some tenderness. Sweet, tempting top & panties from this beautiful collection will bring romantic moments to the two of you. This set can also be your hot pajamas. Not only evenings will be amazing for you and him. Do you want to wake up in this mint, lacy beauty? Enjoy really pleasurable mornings with your man! This kind of activity in the morning makes the whole day much better.

Mint bliss for more than one kiss!

This beautiful pastel collection also offers a fantastic classic set – bra and panties. Your loved one is probably used to seeing you in black and red lingerie, right? What will he do when he sees his woman in such a charming colour? Get ready for a lot of pleasure! Let him touch you, let him caress you. The softness of the lace will make it even more delightful. Together with your delicate skin, it will give an amazing effect.

Your Delicanta – your sexiness!

What makes you different among all the women in the world? Your uniqueness and your temperament and sexiness! What can make you an even better version of yourself? This beautiful teddy. Just look at the subtly see-through lace and these cut-outs. You can wear Delicanta teddy every day under your clothes and also in the bedroom – to charm your loved one. Turn off the lights, light the candles and feel the mint delight!

 You’ll feel like you’re in heaven

Isn't it true that Delicanta makes the heart beat faster? Give yourself a gift, you deserve it. You can also tell your man that you’d love to have this collection. You surely know how to convince him (but you certainly won’t have to ?). You both know that there’s never too much of Obsessive lingerie in your life!

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