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You meet him. You look deep in each other’s eyes. You talk till morning. First kisses. Butterflies in your stomach that don’t let you sleep the whole night. Do you remember that? This is how it was when you met him… And you may be thinking now that it’s all water under the bridge and will never come back again. And you’re probably right because that was just infatuation and true love starts later on. And how can you know that the man who sleeps with you every night is the one? Just check the 10 signs which perfectly show that you’ve found the love of your life.

1. No words

You can spend time together not saying anything. Not only when you watch TV or when you’re totally busy taking care of your everyday things. Sometimes you do simply nothing and stay silent and absolutely happy. Just because you’re together

2. No tension

Messy hair, crumpled shirt, no make-up on? All of this in just unimportant when you have him by your side. You know that he loves you just the way you are! You like to look attractive for him, but you know that when a hard day comes, you can just relax and feel completely laid back.

3.Full dedication

The evening’s cold and you’ve forgotten to take your jacket? Who’s going to save you? Your man, of course. Your shoes are incredibly uncomfortable and there’s still a long way home? Who’s going to carry you in arms? Well, you know the answer.

4. On the stage

Maybe he needs to go out for beer with his guys from time to time, but the number one for him is always you. He’s always there for you when you need him. He supports you and knows what you need.

5. Plenty of laughing

Even when you argue, you know that it’s just a big storm which is always followed by sunshine. Joy and smile come back again! After all, nobody can make you laugh and make you feel better just like he can.

6. I’m not afraid

Fear makes things look twice as bad as they are, but not when he’s with you. When your man is close to you, no spider can scare you! You know that you knight will protect you. He’ll fight the darkness and make you feel safe.

7. On the tray

When you ask him about your mum’s birthday date, he may have problems answering. But does it really matter? Coffee brought to your bed on Sunday morning or a glass of wine served while you’re taking a bath – this matters and means much more! You know that these little things bring plenty of happiness.

8. Oil

Your car has gone crazy and who knows what to do? Well, he’ll probably get a little angry because the oil has been burning for a week (whatever it means), but he’ll fix it for you.

9. On your side

The boss was irritating and your friend bought the same dress? Who’s going to comfort you? Who’s going to hug you and say: “No woman no cry…”? Only the one you love – him!

10. Jealous

Maybe he’ll forgive you (after a few sulky days) that little flirt with the waiter who gave you a free dessert, but nobody will get so combative when a stranger guy gazes at you with his mouth watering. Your man knows that he has a beautiful woman and he doesn’t want to share with anybody.

Now you know our 10 signs showing that you’ve found the love of your life. And what are yours?

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