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Ghosts, zombies, witches, skulls, and bats. Is this a list of participants of the rally on Bald Mountain? No! This is a Halloween starter kit! While everyone will be preparing a menu for monstrous parties and cut pumpkins, you will spend an evening full of witchcraft and magic. Why are we so sure about it? Because we're hiding some secrets ... Do you want to get to know them? Well, let's do it!

Costume party for two

You're talking Halloween, you think weird costumes. Bloody, pale figures, scary vampires, and terrible zombies. The more terrifying details, the better. Are you sure? If you choose such an outfit, you will look like others. You probably like to stand out, right? We will be happy to help you with this!

Instead of a big party among vampires and zombies, plan a more intimate Halloween evening. Just because you spend it in a smaller group doesn't mean that you will not have fun. Rather the opposite! You will have really devilishly time!

Choose a Devil costume for this occasion! Sexy chemise, horns of a very naughty devil, choker, playful thong, and a whip, this is the perfect set for a party! This Halloween party will turn into your little, private hell, in which you will be heating up the atmosphere!

Kiss or treat

Do you know what other kinds of fun is very popular during Halloween? Collecting sweets! You probably have heard the words “trick or treat”. Are we right? We suggest you make a slight modification. What would you say to play “kiss or treat”?

Such a form of spending the Halloween evening will certainly add spice to your relationship! How to play “kiss or treat”? Prepare a map of the kisses of your bodies. The more extreme places, the better! Anyone who performs the partner's command correctly receives a point. The one who fails to make a kiss in the right place loses his chance and has to deal with a prank...

Do you know how can you increase your chances of winning? Put on a sexy nurse's outfit! The health service should know the anatomy of the human body very well, right? Sexy mini dress in the style of a nurse's apron, which wonderfully emphasizes the bust and long white gloves will surely distract your partner! Another point for you!

Spider and spiderweb

Spiderwebs around old buildings arouse general fear. What can be hidden behind them? How long have these houses been abandoned and why? Such Halloween themes are the best. In the end, it's an evening of magic, covered with fear caused by dark tales...

You can also build such a climate in your home! Prepare a dark and grim scenery. Will there be any “tasty snack” in your snares? Certainly! However, before you start consuming, make sure that he is totally addicted to you! Overpower him using two gadgets ‒ handcuffs and spicy crop. Then start consuming ... In this evening full of witchcraft and spells, everything can happen! Let your imagination run wild and consume your “sacrifice” just the way you like!

After the game, you will also need to clean up. Use the sexy housemaid's outfit for this task! Clothed in a lace corset with a mini skirt, black stockings and a playful feather duster you will start the action! Surely you will find a helper right away...

Hunting for ghosts...

Some people look for very strong experiences during Halloween and visit haunted places. Old, abandoned houses, in which years ago horrible stories have happened, hide many secrets. Perhaps you can actually find ghosts there who want to share dark stories with others...

Do you want to experience such emotions? If not, then we have an alternative for this Halloween tradition. Bad spirits versus good ones, even very good and very playful!

Let this special evening be full of witchcraft and magic thanks to a good Angel. Sneaking in the dark makes our senses extremely sensitive. Use it! Disappear for a moment and surprise your beloved!

What do you think his reaction will be when he sees a white figure in the dark? Probably the heart will jump to his throat! However, after a while, the blood will flow in the completely opposite direction... Sensual white teddy made of mesh and lace, mini skirt, wings, and an aureole cannot arouse fear. Rather, the opposite! Such atmosphere leads straight to heavenly pleasures!

Dark mirror

A dark mirror is a game only for the brave. On a dark night, during Halloween, you have to look in the mirror to see your future husband behind you. Don’t you think that it’s a bit too much risk? What if you see a nasty ghost instead of your dream handsome guy? It's even scary to think about it…

Let's modify this game a bit. Introduce the idea of a night full of magic and witchcraft to your partner. Create the right atmosphere ‒ twilight, slightly dark music, and a mirror. Tell him a story about destiny appearing in the mirrors' reflection...

When the emotions reach their peak, you will disappear unnoticeable, just to return as a vision of the future in the reflection of the mirror...

What will be your destiny? This story may have many endings. You can appear as a phantom of a stewardess, letting your partner know that an exciting trip is waiting for you soon. At the beginning even in the bedroom... Do you know what we mean?

You can also play the role of a charming Bunny to show that not every spook must be terrible. Playful panties with a bunny tail and extremely sexy costume that perfectly emphasizes feminine shapes will definitely confuse your partner. After all, he doesn’t expect such an ending of this game!

We hope that you will like our ideas for Halloween. Remember that every occasion is good to celebrate. After all, we don't have to analyze the genesis of Halloween and wonder if we should also celebrate this evening. Let's just enjoy the fun!

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