You’ve already spent so much time together. Hot nights, sweet mornings and days full of love. You know how to keep a rut away from your relationship. But every couple goes through a worse time once in a while. How to avoid it? How to get rid of unwanted boredom? Check these five tips! Learn how to warm up the atmosphere and inspire your love.

Spicy words

You say “I love you”. You show your affection. But from time to time, it’s good to spice up your sweet relationship a little. Try something new and forget about a rut in your bed! You don’t know how to start? You think that naughty words are not for you? Don’t worry! You don’t have to begin from the advanced level. Just let your imagination give you some sexy ideas. You know, practice makes perfect. So… practise together!

Let’s play a naughty game

Are you wondering how to fight a rut in the bedroom? The answer – start to play! Everyone likes games and great fun. What not to apply it in the bed? You choose the type and you set the rules. How about a dice game with… sex positions? Throw and have naughty fun! You can also try card and board games or get a spicy prize playing challenge game. Before you choose, remember that it must be really pleasurable for both of you.

Lace and strips

“Sexy” is coming back! Take off boring underwear and try incredibly sexy lingerie. You’ll quickly remove the “sex rut” term from your love dictionary! Hot lace, playful strips and plenty of fun? This is it! Start off with shopping – together. We promise that you don’t even have to persuade him. Just turn your computer on and show him online store. In just a moment your shopping cart will be full of sexy stuff and the atmosphere will get really hot. And that’s just the beginning!

Change gears

Being in a relationship is like driving a car. If you drive for too long at one pace, you start to get bored. You need to change gears from time to time. Drive faster, slow down, change the road. You can turn on navigation and safely (but schematically) finish the journey. But you can also leave the rules behind and enjoy the pleasure of discovering new paths together. Just get ready for an exciting adventure!

Tandem ride

Did you know that riding a tandem isn’t such an easy thing? You need to do it together and synchronize your moves. It works the same way in the bed. It’s your intimate tandem. If you take care of each other’s needs and expectations, a rut will never enter your bedroom. It may even turn out that you’re not one of the statistical couples and instead of Friday evening you prefer to make love on Wednesday morning or Sunday afternoon…

Don’t wait any longer! Have fun, inspire and love! ❤


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