nowa kolekcja bielizny damskiej Obsessive

Black on track

Another new collection – made to give you plenty of hot moments! Discover all amazing details!

Elegant, sensual and incredibly feminine – it’s 846 collection! You’ve got to try this deep black colour, delicate and glossy material, absolutely gorgeous lace with floral motif and… tempting, black jewels!

Thanks to our special Multistretch solution (elastic, perfectly fitting fabric), new lingerie will look fantastic on your body. You can wear it with great pleasure and there’s no need to worry about nickel allergy symptoms – decorative jewels are totally NickelFree.

Subtle and sexy? Take a look at the new chemise which emphasizes feminine curves. Open-front babydoll (with fastening below the bust) adorns the body with beautiful lace. Do you like to wear sensual peignoirs? The new one will give you a really stunning look! Did2Fit icon tells you that a special solution has been applied in this item to let you enjoy perfect fitting. What is it? You can tie the peignoir with a belt – just the way you want.

Looking for something really seductive? Here you are! Three-piece set with a lace belt will make you feel so sexy! With vertical boning and fitting lacing you can be absolutely sure that this set will look great on you. Now check the new, elegant teddy. Optical slimming effect, fantastically accentuated shapes – you’ll love it!

Tempting derriere? Try lacy panties with ComfyCut solution (wearing comfort plus emphasized curves) and a lovely thong!

846-PEI-1 - 42,90 EUR

846-PEI-1 – 42,90 EUR


846-SEG-1 - 33,00 EUR

846-SEG-1 – 30,00 EUR


846-BAB-1 - 30,00 EUR

846-BAB-1 – 30,00 EUR


846-CHE-1 - 27,90 EUR

846-CHE-1 – 27,90 EUR

846-TED-1 - 26,00 EUR

846-TED-1 – 26,00 EUR


846-PAN-1 - 11,00 EUR

846-PAN-1 – 11,00 EUR


846-THO-1 - 11,00 EUR

846-THO-1 – 11,00 EUR

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