Śniadanie do łóżka - Obsessive inspiruje

Breakfast to bed? Or morning sex?

Have you been thinking about the best, possible way to begin the day? If yes – we’ve got few hints for you! If not – we did it for you! So? Will you start from tomorrow morning?

Imagine that you can start a day with incredibly high level of endorphins and serotonin. You can easily give yourself the most natural painkiller and boost your brain efficiency. At the same time you can have your morning workout, too! Another side effect? You feel and look like a million dollar bill!

You’ll be in heaven…

Soo, you’ll realize that morning fun can be even more pleasurable that you’ve ever expected! Our inspirations will help you to change morning fight with yourself into a real, incredibly satisfying routine. Thanks to this your days will begin and end filled with obsessively great fun! So? Ready? Steady? Wake up!

First of all, we’d like to remind you that giving you and your beloved pleasure is our specialty. So? We know that you will agree with us: there’s no “good morning” without a sexy lingerie! So what would you like to put on? A chemise, corset, teddy or… tempting set? We’ve got all of these, so better make up your mind!

Let’s start from the beginning!

Chemise! Name your scenario “Very Pleasurable Morning” and follow these steps: wake up two minutes before his alarm clock and put on this incredibly sexy 843 chemise!  Let this incredibly soft fabric spoil your sexy curves and…. oops! He’s awake. No more dreams – just reality now. Let your man begin the day in the best possible way and… give yourself plenty of pleasure!

Did you wake up earlier? We’ve got something special for you! Corset? Why not! Check out what we’ve got.

Before you wake him up, sneak to your bathroom holding this fabulous box with 837 corset inside. Why this one? Well, open the box and you will definitely realize why we’ve chosen this design. Easy to put on and even easier to take off! Lacy adornments and tempting see-through mesh do their job while you… look and feel amazing! So? Do you want to change into a million dollar bill and fire up better than three morning coffees? Don’t wait!

Under a cover-up?

What if you feel like being more subtle this morning? What if you would like to change into an elegant and delicate temptress with a mystery to (un)cover? Well, we’ve got something special for you! Check out our peignoirsthese designs will be a perfect morning encouragement to have some fun together!

Thinking about something elegant, sleek and chic? Try Satinia robe! It’s the best proof that not only uncovering your body can tempt him so much! Shiny satin fabric and design with tie belt ends up as an extraordinary combination! So… who’s gonna pull the strings this morning? We will see!

Your morning booster includes some lacy adornments? Check out Alluria or Swanita Peignoirs! Soft mesh combined with super-sexy lace and tempting design are one of the best, possible ideas to begin the day. So? Let yourself feel this thrill and change into a beautiful surprise for your man. Morning workout with our proposals will give you plenty of energy for the whole week!

With a tiny bit of piquancy!

Let’s say it out loud: morning sex rules! Even when you’re late already. Jump into 822 set and become a perfect-matched, morning gift! To be honest – the day cannot begin better than that. “Good morning hanky-panky” is the best possible way to say “Hello” to your beloved and to yourself. Don’t believe us? Just give it a chance and forget about morning caffeine shot! You won’t need any!