Champions League

Do you like having sports fun together with your beloved? If your answer is yes – this scenario is perfect for the two of you. And if you’re saying no, then… you should go through this text and find out that sports competition can be great fun for you! Ready?

If you’re not good at sports terminology – don’t worry! You don’t need to know what offside is. And what about the rules? You can set your own rules together! Remember that sport is not only about playing – nice atmosphere is really important too. And it’s going to be your own league evening.

Match schedule

Before the confrontation, you need to prepare your match schedule and organize several friendly games – your preseason warm-up. Invite him to your champions league and don’t let him win by walk-over. There should be at least two meetings: the first match and… rematch. The winner takes it all! What exactly? It’s up to you.


The atmosphere during a sports event is: 50% – the atmosphere on the pitch, 50% – the atmosphere in the stands. You don’t need to invite any supporters, but your bedroom must be changed into a real sports arena. And get ready for the most exciting, final part – football shirts exchange! The end of the match can be just a beginning for the two of you…


One friendly match isn’t enough for you? No problem! Prepare a scoreboard, set your own competition rules and… play! But don’t forget about fair play rule. You don’t want to get a red card! Free kick, give and go, offside – create your own game!

Technical facilities

Take a short break to get new energy. Prepare some treats (hot dogs, popcorn, drinks) and relaxing accessories. It’s a perfect moment for a pleasant massage or… a private cheerleaders show!

You already know the game rules? Ready to start the sports season? Run, kick, score goals together!