Sometimes you feel like having something you like, but you don’t know exactly what it is. Sounds familiar? You open the fridge – it’s full, but nothing looks like the thing you’re looking for. So you open the drinks cabinet and… still nothing. Even your beloved red wine isn’t something that would make you happy now. What you really need is a little bit of sweet and naughty fun! Follow this instruction. It’s going to be sexylicious!

The things you’ll need are close at hand. Sweet candy (your lover :P) – you have it! Soft blanket? Yes! Fruit and chocolate? Yup! Well… you’re ready! Time for chocolate fantasies!

Step one – inspiration

Start at the very beginning of the day. Tell him that you feel like eating something sweet. But not the usual stuff. You want to take up a great, tasty challenge! Chocolate served in 100 ways? This is it! Don’t say anything more. Let him guess…

Step two – playing with fire

Take a few spicy photos with chocolate as the main motive. Chocolate on your neckline, chocolate and red high heels, chocolate and Obsessive lingerie, chocolate on your lips… Make it very tempting! Send the photos to your lover and warm up the atmosphere.

Step three – last things to do

Leave work a little earlier than usually for a quick shopping on the way back home. Your SHOPPING LIST: sexy lingerie, chocolate for fondue, your favourite fruit. Prepare romantic scenery at home – soft blanket on the floor, candles all around (as many as you wish). Done? Time for you to get ready…

Step four – special outfit

No cotton. Leave it for a lazy evening spent alone in front of TV. This is going to be your sweet evening together. And remember that sweets taste best when you can unwrap them yourself. So put on Obsessive outfit >>> LINK <<< and be his sexylicious candy. Forget about ordinary underwear. What you need is hot lingerie with a tiny bit of piquancy. A lot of uncovered body with some parts to be uncovered – this is going to be your great advantage.

Step five – get it started

When he comes home, greet him at the door with an invitation to a naughty picnic. Let him rest – he’ll need lots of energy. Pieces of fruit dipped in hot chocolate as a starter? Try it together! The use of any cutlery is forbidden. Your hands and mouth instead! Dip your finger in the chocolate and spread it over some parts of your body. Now let him check where it tastes best…

Have fun, inspire, love!

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