Here comes secret knowledge passed down through generations! If you don’t know it yet, catch up now! The power of cuddling – any idea about what it is? A little thing that can do big wonders. Cuddle is for giving pleasure. Ready to give it and take it?

Let’s start!


Oh yeesss! Reach for the teddy! Pounce on the teddy and snuggle up with the teddy! So easy to do, but so hard to describe. Let’s have a cuddling lesson!

Stand astride. Relax your body. Reach out with your hands, take an open posture. Then, bend your hands inside with an inviting gesture. Do it gently. You can also bend your whole arms to make your body more expressive. Increase the intensity and pressure. Your partner should do the same. Continue until you both feel pleasant warmth.


One minute is enough to positively affect your well-being. But did you know that amorous hugging gives you much more? It increases the level of oxytocin – you feel well, better, great. Pain is reduced. Studies (by American scientists, naturally) prove that cuddling is good for our brain functions. Just hold him tight and let your head relax!


Spooning – only about sleeping? Come on – try it at cuddling time! Perfect while watching TV or listening to music. Believe me. You feel nice, comfortable and… don’t need to worry about chills! Well, maybe just the emotional ones. But you love them, don’t you? Worth practicing!


Remember that hugging works not only inside. It also works great on the outside! How? Hugging makes your trust and sense of security go up. Wondering how to make your relationship stronger? Just fall into his arms!


I guess I don’t need to expand on this topic. Cuddling is just a perfect starting point of the path that leads to… something pleasantly exciting!

Don’t wait. Go and CUDDLE UP! ?


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