Lingerie is quite important for women and men alike, even though for quite different reasons. Women love to wear sexy lingerie that makes them feel feminine and attractive. They know that well-fitted piece may work wonders on their silhouette, emphasizing the strong features and subtly hiding some imperfections. Men on the other hand, like to buy sexy lingerie for their ladies.

Sometimes both parties just seem to forget that bras and panties are not the only combination they can get. There are several types of ladies’ underwear that are worth their attention. Below is a short guide through some of the most desirable cuts we have on offer.

Babydoll – this is an ultra-feminine cut that nicely emphasizes female cleavage and subtly covers the hips due to a flared design. A-shaped, loose fitting babydoll dress conceals some minor imperfections around waistline, drawing the attention to sultry bust. Babydolls make you look charming and girly, as the soft material dances with your every move. Delicate mesh, chiffon, silk or satin feel extremely comfortable on your naked skin, adding more playfulness to your behavior. If you want to enjoy the airy design, accentuated cleavage, but you don’t want to completely cover your waistline, choose babydolls that feature a front slit. They can play some seductive tricks on male imagination.

babydoll chemisie \ koszulka babydoll


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Chemise – this is a short, tight and usually sleeveless nightgown, that can also be worn during daytime under a dress. The hourglass-shaped design makes it extremely feminine. Chemises are well-fitted from bust to hips in a way to accentuate sexy curves. Soft cups subtly embrace the breasts, ensuring an extreme wearing comfort, but there are also models with underwired or padded cups for ultimate support and exposure. You can choose between chemises made of soft satin, that highlight your delicate nature or those made of sheer, see-through fabrics, that are a bit spicier and show a little more. Chemises will make a great daytime lingerie, if you want to feel seductive during the day, but they are also great for lazy evenings, especially when paired with some sexy peignoirs.

Obsessive_860 koronkowa koszulka lace red chemisie

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Soft corset – this is a unique combination of subtleness and coquetry, that emphasizes feminine silhouette in the nicest way possible. This utterly sexy mix of flirty chemise with sultry garters becomes an incredible weapon of choice, with which tempting and seducing is easier than ever. Just add stockings and stilettos to achieve unforgettable effect. The soft fabrics make these corsets feel good on skin and their elasticity adds to your comfort. If you choose soft corset with detachable garters, you will have an option of wearing it with stockings for more sensual impact or without them for more casual, but still far from boring, look. Soft corsets are extremely sensual and tempting, giving your cleavage a nice boost and accentuating your waistline.

gorset obsessive soft corset

Stiff corset – this is a type of lingerie that every real coquette simply loves and adores. In this case all details were designed for a perfect fit, the vertical boning provides for a waist slimming effect and underwired cups give a cleavage some decent exposure. Stiffened materials and delicate lacy finish add to the old-fashioned allure corsets are usually associated with. Our sexy corsets are fastened with clasps or zips, thus are easy to put on and to take off. And you can use the fancy lacing to easily adjust the corset, so it fits your figure in a perfect way.

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Bodystocking – this is a unique lingerie item for brave women who are not afraid to show off their charms. It’s usually made of fancy lace or delicate mesh, meaning that even though it covers the whole of female body it is also see-through, thus stimulating both partner’s senses. This sexy item can be decorated with exquisite embroidery, little gemstones or delicate bows or can be made of sultry fishnet fabric. Bodystocking features an open crotch and seamless knitting technique is a guaranty of comfort. With this incredibly seductive lingerie you are sure to take your pleasure to the next level. The soft and elastic fabrics envelop the body, nicely exposing the feminine curves. For ladies who are proud of their assets, there are models featuring strips imitating garters, which make thighs and derriere look even more delightful. Bodystockings is an easy and sure way to achieve an exciting “wow effect” in no time.

Obsessive_F231 bodystocking


Garter stocking – this piece of lingerie is a great and very comfortable combination of garter belt and stockings. If you find traditional garter belt with adjustable straps too complicated to use, the garter stocking might be just the perfect alternative you were looking for. The hot and sexy 2 in 1 formula makes it extremely easy and pleasant to wear, no need to worry about adjusting the stockings to the belt’s straps, all is taken care of for you already. Stretchable fishnet envelops female body from hips down to her feet, giving the silhouette sexy touch. The garter stockings feature only the finest, soft fabrics that delicately caress female body, adding to her comfort and self-confidence. The ultra sexy cut-outs are designed to reveal peachy buttocks, emphasize the curvacious hips and expose fine legs. In this piece of lingerie female body looks incredibly tempting.

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