Once the famous movie – "What Women Want" – appeared in cinemas a few years ago, many people began to think about this topic. What do they really like? What turns them on? How to get them going? Actually, there’re as many answers as there’re women. However, there’re also a few things that work in most cases. So I can’t tell you what they like to eat or what they love to spend their money on, but I’m going to tell you what women really want in bed.

Women want good sex

So… what does good sex mean? It doesn’t have to be long or passionate and it doesn’t have to end with orgasm (though it's cool when it does). For her, good sex is the kind of sex that lets her break away from reality. It should be spontaneous and free from boredom or routine. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be annoying, embarrassing or making her feel uncomfortable. But these are very general statements, so let’s go into details. Dear boys, check if you know what’s really arousing to women in bed! Ladies, check if you would add any other tips for your men!

Women need to be noticed

Girls like to improve something all the time. That’s just the way they are. When it comes to the intimate sphere, they’re never 100% confident about their looks. So before you begin the action, let your woman see that you love looking at her and let her enjoy it for a little while longer! She loves to be the object of your desire. Show your woman (and tell her!) that you want her. Sex isn’t just a physical act. It's everything what happens before and after it. With every nice gesture towards her, you let your woman come closer to the right mood, which will lead her to orgasm. And that’s how you can complete the first thing on what-women-want-in-bed list – breaking away from reality.

Take me by surprise

What women really want in bed is spontaneity. Why were Harlequin Romance novels sold in millions of copies? In every of them there is a man who drools over his woman and knows how to take her by surprise (only when she wants it). He gives her hundreds of little signs, but in the end always rips her panties off in passionate desire. I don’t know any women who would like to arrange sex with their partners. So “Let’s do it on Friday at 8 p.m.” is totally out of the question. Be spontaneous!

No yawning allowed

Predictability kills excitement. Pleasure and joy don’t get on well with boredom and routine. That’s why women need variety and want to break the rules in bedroom. So if you usually go from A-spot to G-spot, next time jump immediately to D, go back to A, visit B for a while and finish at G. Don’t take shortcuts – it doesn’t work!

Before you go to bed

Taking your quarrels to bed and having make-up sex isn’t a very good idea. Keep unresolved arguments and conflicts away from your bedroom and get rid of them together before you go to bed. This is how you can have a perfect beginning of something really exciting…

Break out of a rut

What else do women like in bed? Dressing up! They like to change their looks and play different roles. Sexy chemises, sensual teddies and tempting sets (from Obsessive of course) – they are strongly stimulating for both male and female senses! That's why women love to put them on. But they need to feel very comfortable and confident in those special outfits. How to avoid an embarrassing situation and make your woman feel really sexy? Choose the right lingerie. Remember that women are different – what’s great fun for one may be unacceptable for another. Talk with her about the new lingerie to bed and make a perfect choice together!

That’s the end of the article but…

…definitely not the end of the list of women's biggest turn-ons and wishes in bed! What are your own experiences? What do you think women really want?04

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