Check how exciting it can be

It’s time to turn up the temperature of your love experiences a little more. Ready to do it? Check the amazing bodystocking effect!

You know well how to emphasize your shapes with sexy lingerie. And you know how to turn into a tempting coquette, too. But have you already tried to surprise him with a unique combination of top and stockings? If not, then it’s time for you to check how amazing it works!

Ideal for you? That’s right!

Bodystocking touches your body with soft, elastic net. It covers almost whole body and at the same time temptingly exposes all your beauty. This feisty outfit will let you show a lot, but you can still decide which body parts you wanna emphasize most. Great, isn’t it? Find your perfect design and turn on your man’s imagination!

Seduce the way you want

Wanna get classy black, hot red or coquettish pink? Or maybe tempting white and sensual beige are your ideal colours? Choose the one that shows your temperament or surprise him with the colour he doesn’t even expect!



F203 white


G307 red


F204 nude


F207 pink


Next step? Find your  dream cut. Full bodystocking covers the whole body with tempting net and the one with straps exposes your arms and shoulders. Amazingly tempting bust is your biggest wish? Choose sexy notches on the neckline area! Wanna try something even spicier? Here you are! Wear bodystocking with playful straps – garters imitation. It will amazingly emphasize your hips and buttocks. Just feel really alluring and warm up his senses!

F200 white




F202 red


Intriguing patterns of Obsessive bodystocking inspire fantasies! Which of the unique designs will take you into the pleasureland? Choose your favourite motif and look wonderful!
So comfortable and durable!





Obsessive bodystocking knitwear has been designed to let you feel great. Spicy frolics? Thanks to our 3SKnit solution – selected fibres and strong knit – you can do it just the way you want! Super-elastic, perfectly fitting material with Multistretch qualities will amazingly emphasize your shapes and give you full wearing comfort. Now, there’s nothing else you need to have a fantastic time!

Which bodystocking will you choose for plenty of new sensations?

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