Have you been thinking about Mr. Grey’s phenomena? Well, you’re not the only one! Fifty Shades of Grey is an unquestionable success which will stay in our minds for a pretty long time. And even though it isn’t an Oscar winner (wasn’t even nominated) it will definitely be well remembered (don’t confuse with well rated!). So what is going on? 

We’ve got to admit that we’ve been thinking about this and… it looks like we’ve worked out Mr. Grey in details, so we know that it’s not only sexy lingerie, spicy accessories and… nasty fun. It’s way more!

Do you wanna feel it on your skin? Try to type its title in your Google browser. Do you see it? Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades of Grey freed – among many others these searches are the leading phrases. And even though we know that huge part of this success is a result of marketing specialists’ work, we’ve got to admit – Mr. Grey is powerful and has one major advantage. He fulfills women’s fantasies, makes their dirty dreams come true and gives them an opportunity to feel the thrill of getting involved into (you’ve got to admit it) a pretty complicated romance. By the way, we can make a bet that Mr. Grey wouldn’t mind seeing you wearing one of our incredibly sexy teddies, like 837-TED-1!

So, to make your life easier we’ve got a perfect idea: get a bunch of Obsessive lingerie and spicy accessories (nasty A715 whip?), organize a “pleasure room” in your own bedroom! Instead of complicated relationship, you can get plenty of great memories, exciting experiences and… feel like Anastasia Steele!

So… are you ready for something special? Atmosphere of understatement, mysteries and waiting what the night will bring is going to give you and your Mr. Grey plenty of satisfaction!

Fifty Shades of Grey? You can do it better!

On shelves in our magazine we’ve got plenty of exciting and inspiring stuff for you and your beloved! And it isn’t only sexy lingerie like panties, thong, corset, stockings or sexy dresses. It is way more!

What do we mean? Well, feel it on your skin and give yourself incredibly good experiences. Just imagine: you, him and your bedroom filled with Obsessive accessories. You don’t need a separate pleasure room – you can have it in your own bedroom! All you need is… a drawer filled with our super sexy accessories!

Slap, slap!

Aww, we bet Mr. Grey would like it! Prepare your favourite lingerie – as it’s always a good base for every “action”. Sexy chemise, hot teddy or incredibly tempting set will look great with gadgets such as chain whip (A709) or multiple crops (A708 or A714)?

Invite your man to your private pleasure bedroom and change his opinion about slaps – no more punishment – just fun and joy!

So, no matter whether you choose crop or whip -  we know that it’s gonna be incredibly hot. Thanks to super spicy details and gadgets you will experience something completely new and different. We bet you will enjoy it! For sure Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t provide this kind of fun, so instead of spending approximately two hours in the movie theater – spend this time… together in your bedroom!

Unless you wanted to treat movie as a foreplay. In this case we say YESSSS!

Subtle enslavement?

Wearing cuffs, covered eyes or slightly tied wrists? No matter which one you choose, remember that accessories done with style can give you plenty of pleasure and change every ordinary night into “your night”!

But talking about accessories – your must haves are right here. Try mysterious masks (A710 or A703) – even Anastasia Steele would wear them with pride (but without any prejudices)! How about blindfold? You can use it in more that hundred ways. We’re more than sure that Mr. Grey doesn’t know our blindfold. If he had known, he would have had it in his pleasure room! For example, you can tie your lover’s hands, cover his eyes, tie your wrists or tie you and him together! As you can see there are multiple options and not only a sexy lingerie or super spicy bodystockings will heat up the atmosphere! Sometimes a piece of satin fabric used with a tiny bit of imagination in a proper way will change you into a naughty temptress!

Happy end and good fun!

Sorry, we didn’t watch – so we don’t know how Fifty Shades of Grey ends up. However, we know that if you listen to our tips this movie can be a perfect inspiration for you and your beloved! Remember – the most important is to spend quality time together and have plenty of fun. No matter what you do. We should wish you to be in heaven tonight, except… pleasure hot as hell sounds WAY BETTER!

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