You love Obsessive lingerie? Check how it works together with our… amazing pheromone perfumes!

Aww, yes! We’ve got some totally new and fabulous stuff for you. It’s gonna be sooo exciting!

Get ready for…

…discovering new experiences with our collection of alluring perfumes for women! They come in three piquancy lines: Sexy, Spicy and Fun. Sounds familiar? Yes! Our perfumes have been designed to match the three lines of Obsessive lingerie and to emphasize the hot character of each line. Why did we add pheromones? Just to make you feel sexy like never before!

Pheromones – how do they work?

Wanna be even more attractive to your lover? Try our pheromones! They are special substances which stimulate senses, boost your self-confidence and strengthen the signals you send to the other person. So… how can you make him go totally crazy over you? Wearing Obsessive lingerie together with our pheromone perfumes! Wow effect guaranteed!

Now… enter our world of charming scents and check which one will be perfect for you!


Welcome to this sensual and very feminine line! It will charm you (and him!) with a delightful, oriental-woody fragrance. You like to put on sexy Obsessive, change into a beautiful coquette and seduce your lover with every move you make? Imagine that you’re getting even more coquettish with intriguing pheromone perfume on your body. Can you feel it? Yes, it’s a wonderful experience!

SEXY perfume - 29,90 EUR
SEXY perfume - 29,90 EUR



This perfume has a subtle note of piquancy and makes a dangerously tempting combination with Spicy lingerie. Discover its wild nature hidden in oriental-floral fragrance! This special composition will emphasize your amazing look and surround you with a mist of mystery. And the pheromones? They will spice up the atmosphere and help you win his heart again and again!

SPICY perfume - 29,90 EUR
SPICY perfume - 29,90 EUR



Wanna play naughty games with our costumes and accessories? Floral-fruity-gourmand fragrance in Fun line will be your perfect match! What is it like? Playful, sweet and incredibly lovely! Together with Obsessive lingerie it will take your imagination to the next level. And then? You will try new kinds of pleasure with your lover! Sounds like… you’re gonna have a FUNtastic time!

FUN perfume - 29,90 EUR
FUN perfume - 29,90 EUR


Perfume as a gift?

You already know that our pheromone perfumes are a great complement to Obsessive lingerie. And do you also know that they can be unique gifts? Aww, yes! An elegant bottle, crystal-shaped top, subtle colour matching the line, decorative bow and a stylish box – perfect details for a perfect gift!


Get your own scent of pleasure <<<HERE>>> and be Sexy, Spicy or Fun every day!


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