Nowa kolekcja bielizny erotycznej Obsessive

Give the Name – Get the Fame!

Ready, steady… LET’S PLAY NAME GAME! Aww yeah – it’s the fourth edition of our Obsessively special contest! Looks like you’re gonna have lots of fun!

Last year’s edition was full of fantastic ideas. We loved them very much and had quite a hard task choosing the best names for our collections – just because so many of them were at an advanced Obsessive level! The winning names now look perfect in our catalogue and on the boxes.

And this year…

…there’s plenty of fun ahead of you again! New, incredibly tempting lingerie, hot emotions, stimulating dose of positive mood, great prizes and… Obsessive fame around the world! We like (no – we love!) to give you a daily portion of our inspirations, but now we’re passing the baton to you and waiting for you to inspire us!

How does it work?

Learn how to take part in the contest step by step:

  • visit our Facebook fan page, find the “CONTEST” section and join the fun,
  • enter your ideas in the spaces provided with presented products (you can add 5 names for each product and improve your chances of winning!),
  • it will be great if you suggest names that are unique and show the individual character of a product,
  • for a tiny bit of inspiration, you can check the already existing names before you start, but remember – Obsessive creativity is what we like most!

Wanna win the prize?

Authors of the winning names will get €30 vouchers! It sounds like… incredibly hot shopping on! And if your ideas sound very Obsessive, we’ll send this prize to you. So… are you in?

Good luck!

3, 2, 1…

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