Do you remember our posts about hot evening ideas inspired by movies? Check what we’ve got for you today! It will make you blush…

After a spicy interrogation with a handsome detective, an overnight escape into the world of sensual pleasure and a naughty meeting with Mr. Grey – it’s time to begin another piquant adventure! Get ready for… exotic places and new experiences!

Let’s start the movie night!

This time you’ll be watching the queen of erotic movies – Emmanuelle! If you’re afraid that it’s a distasteful or indecent movie – don’t worry, it’s not. But it’s naughty enough to ignite a spark of desire between you and him!

Emmanuelle movie series shows erotic adventures of a beautiful wife of a French diplomat. She discovers “spicy attractions” of different countries and new kinds of pleasure. Sounds interesting? Aww yeah! With an intriguing plot and hot scenes in Emmanuelle 1, Emmanuelle 2 or Black Emanuelle (we recommend these three movies) you’ll have a piquant warm-up before… the next (and the best) part of the evening!

How to begin?

Invite your lover to a spicy movie night. When? You can do it in the morning (whisper a few naughty words into his ear), you can send him a saucy message during the day or… surprise him in the evening. There are many options but there’s only one ending – the two of you having an exciting time together!

To make the night really AMAZING (after Emmanuelle movie) you’ll need something special. Have you just thought about sexy lingerie? Bingo!

You’ll go for Emmanuelle 1? Try a charming babydoll from our Sexy line. It will cover your body with delicate fabric and give you a subtle, sensual look. Put on fabulous Amanta babydoll or babydoll from 842 collection made out of black satin and burgundy lace – you’ll be absolutely ready to act out all the hot scenes from the movie together with him!

Emmanuelle 2? Go one step further – straight to our Spicy line – and choose a set with crotchless thong! Check out lacy 831-SET-1 with tempting holes in the bra. And before watching Black Emanuelle you’ll need something from the Fun line. Wanna try a sexy 2 in 1? Get a special costume – 835-CST-1! Chemise made out of seductive knit can be changed into… a naughty she-devil!

What next?

You’ve got the movie, you’ve got Obsessive lingerie and he already knows that you’re preparing a surprise for the evening. What next? A good scenario!

Pick one room – your place of action – and go there right after Emmanuelle movie. Tell him that you’re going to bring some drinks. What will you do instead? You’ll be waiting for him dressed in your sexy lingerie! Send your lover a spicy message to let him find you and… lights, camera, action!


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