Podróż poślubna honeymoon

Honeymoon that you will love!

Have you been thinking about a perfect honeymoon destination? Because we have! No matter how long you know your beloved and whether you are going to make your dreams come true – we’ve got something special!
Use our tips and trust us – you can change your trip into the best experience. Wanna know how? Just take a seat and enjoy reading!

First of all: Do you want to marry me?

So… do you remember this day? When he proposed to you and everything was so beautiful and easy. That was the day you had your first dreams about your honeymoon trip. When, where and for how long. You planned everything and what has happened to these plans? Did they disappear? You may say that they have been postponed but… we’ve got to kick your butt and shout: don’t give up! Your honeymoon gives you the best possibility to make your wildest dreams come true. And there won’t be a better occasion!
While choosing the destination remember about your dreams and ideas. Even if they were pretty wild.

Second of all: Say yes to the dress!

We bet that you have spent a lot of time on choosing the right dress. So, you really should spend at least the same amount of time on… choosing the right hotel!
Remember that even if you like kids and crazy families – don’t choose a hotel for families. Why? Well, we can assure you that building romantic and sexy atmosphere with screaming kids on the corridor and paddling pools in hotel SPA is nearly impossible…
What else would we suggest to you? Hotel clubs! We know that you may like having fun but… how many days in a row can you handle? We bet that not more than 3…
That’s why we strongly suggest you staying away from hotels with noisy clubs and discos.

Third time lucky? Yup!

Are you thinking about choosing plenty of attractions? Because sitting in a hotel room seems to be boring, right? Well, you may go in this direction but… please remember that a honeymoon has been created just to spend some time together with your beloved. So remember about giving yourself plenty of free time. Have fun in bed (we suggest some extras for this activity in a paragraph below), sleep long, enjoy every minute spent together.

Number four: Last but not least: Get prepared!

Ok. Now we’re ready to show you what we’ve got! So let’s start from the very beginning. You absolutely cannot leave home without some sexy lingerie items.
Wanna know our hits? Red! Black! White! these three colours can be the key words.
Sexy and incredibly innocent Jullita collection. Perfect for every temptress. This chemise knows how to emphasize your sexy shapes and change you into a delicate bride again! Choose our subtle and incredibly sexy Julitta set to say “yes” again and enjoy every minute of wearing it!
What’s next? Well, check out 837-COR-1 and feel on your skin why this one is our favourite sexy design! Have you been thinking about a sexy set? No big deal! |We’ve got something special for you. Sensita set looks amazing and feels even better. It’s got everything that a bride needs to be happy and look perfect!
Finally, remember to choose something super special. Spicy crop or whip will add some piquancy to every night…

Last but not least: And now the best…

And now the best… Imagine that this is only the beginning. Because… your honeymoon is right around the corner!