Wanna break out of a rut and boredom? If your answer is “yes”, then it means that you need to do something crazy, extraordinary and totally Obsessive! How to make it 100% FUNtastic? Discover sexy details of our incredibly hot scenario and find it out!

Step 1 – sexy message!

This day will be special from the very start. You’ll need some coffee, lipstick and a tiny dose of cleverness. Drink the coffee. You’ll need lots of energy. He’s still lying in the bed? Great! It’s a perfect time to use the lipstick. Go to the bathroom and leave a sexy message on the mirror: “I’m gonna take care of you tonight…”. He’ll be surprised and… excited! And he’ll probably want to know more details, but don’t spill the beans. Let his excitement get even bigger!

Step 2 – something that you like… SHOPPING!

Do you like champagne bubbles that make you feel nice? He likes them too! Get some champagne and strawberries. And how about adding some… whipped cream? It’s gonna be a delicious dessert!

Step 3 – a little mess

Time to warm up the atmosphere. Secret – that’s your key word for today. Spread your sexy lingerie all over the house (make sure your mother-in-law doesn’t want to visit you today!). Garter on the bathroom mirror, stockings on the kitchen chair, panties… wherever you want. Every spicy item will stimulate his imagination and lead him straight to bedroom…

Step 4 – give him a little hint

“Full service” card hanging on the bedroom door handle – it will tell him more than a thousand words. And behind the closed door… there’s a real pleasureland! And the first things he’ll see are – chilled champagne, strawberries and the bed inviting for relaxation.

Step 5 – “unexpected” meeting

When he steps into the room, surprise him with Obsessive Maid costume! A glass of wine in your hand and a flirty question: “What can I do for you?” – this is how you can encourage your lover to follow this naughty scenario together with you…

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