How to look good naked?

How to look good naked?

What would you say if I told you that you don’t need a model body shape to look good “naked”? If you wouldn’t believe me, then… time to change it! I’m going to give you some tips on how to boost your self-confidence and look really good “naked”. Ready? Let’s start!

Small bust or maybe a little too big, belly pooch, buttocks not as perfect as you wish. Sounds familiar? If yes, then you’re certainly one of us – women.  There’s always something that we don’t like about our bodies, something we’d like to change, make it bigger or smaller. But why not to… bring out what’s best in your body and forget about those little imperfections? Yes, you can do it!

Why “naked” in quotation marks? Because “naked” doesn’t have to mean showing everything. And I’m thinking about nakedness which isn’t completely naked. Nakedness in a very sexy version – in sexy lingerie! Try it and learn how to become more confident (and feel good about your body)!

How to look better naked? Get flirty lingerie!

If you want to be a confident woman and get rid of shame in bed – put on feminine and sensual lingerie which looks really charming on the body! A tiny advice? Babydoll rocks! Tight-fitting top emphasizes breasts and loose, flared bottom subtly covers belly and hips giving them a lighter look. Babydolls with underwire or padded cups (check them >>> here <<<) will give you a subtle bust lift. See the whole babydoll collection!

Your BODYguard called “teddy” – ways to feel good “naked”

Accentuated hips and optically longer legs? Yes! Sexy teddies (look at our collection!) will make you look better “naked” and boost your confidence in the bedroom!
Let’s check what’s perfect for you! Amanta teddy adorns the body with see-through fabric and beautiful lace. If you like optical slimming effect – try 823 teddy, lacy Alluria teddy or amazing 820 teddy. Other teddies for you to look good “naked”: superfeminine Lillove, curve-emphasizing 837 teddy and 818 teddy with tempting straps on the neckline!

For a “wow” effect, choose teddies which enlace the body with sexy straps, just like Frivolla, Bisquitta or exciting 829 teddy. This type of sensual lingerie will let you feel way better about your body and gain confidence in bed!

Nakedness without shame – in spicy knitwear!

Lingerie made out of incredibly delicate and perfectly elastic fishnet? This is it! Tiny holes reveal a lot but… not everything, amazing motifs adorn the “naked” body. Knitted dress will be great for a start, for example D603, optically slimming D605 or seductive D115.
Do you want to try something special? B112 teddy has a magnetizing motif, fits the body perfectly, emphasizes curves and… looks so hot! If you like sexy, knitted lingerie, try a whole-body version – bodystocking! With fishnet covering your whole body you’ll be almost naked and way more self-confident! Choose your favourite design in our bodystocking collection!

How to feel good naked? “Put on” a sexy scent!

Get rid of shame and improve your self-esteem dressing your body in sensual lingerie and… a charming scent! Our collection of pheromone perfumes (pheromones boost self-confidence!) gives you three alluring fragrances filled with sex appeal. Find your perfect match >>> here <<<!

The last advice? Go to Obsessive collection, order tempting lingerie and… love your “naked” body!