Perfect introduction to your intimate time together? Exciting, love warm-up! But how to make it happen when all of the scenarios you can think of have already been tested by the two of you? Find out how you can spice up your foreplay!

Do you remember the very beginning of your relationship? We bet you do! Fascinating, spontaneous and a little wild. It was just like this, right? Now you probably need to make more efforts to kindle the fire of love in your bedroom. But don’t worry – the best is yet to come! Follow our tips and get ready for extraordinary foreplay with Obsessive lingerie. It’s going to trigger a real explosion of pleasure between the two of you, so… be careful!

Hold on a moment. Remember the number one rule – the most exciting foreplay starts in your head before physical incentives stimulate the body. Conclusion? You need to begin creating sexual tension in the morning and continue until the night – until the big culmination! Spicy text messages? This is it! You know how to make good use of them…

1. Erotic trick

You need: sensual robe

Message during the day: “I have a naughty plan for you and me. Tonight...”

One way you can spice up your foreplay is beginning it with a naughty starter – erotic movie (be sure to choose a “good-tasting” one)! Watching it together, you’ll get tuned up for naughty fun. But first – put on a tempting robe and wait for the atmosphere to warm up before you let him untie the belt of your sensual outfit. Most probably, it’ll happen before the end of the movie. ☺ If you want to excite him even more, prepare something incredibly seductive. Another sexy item from Obsessive lingerie collection underneath your robe? Perfect idea! Choose whatever you like and get ready for plenty of pleasurable sensations!

2. Roleplay foreplay

You need: sexy costume

Message during the day: spicy riddle (make it up yourself!)

Especially hot foreplay ideas come from… Obsessive collection of sexy costumes! Nurse, policewoman, stewardess or maid? Or maybe something totally unique, like a wild she-cat? If you think that costumes are not the right thing for you, try one of Obsessive outfits from Fun line and… change your mind! ☺ Inspire your imagination and play with your new looks!

How to start this spicy game? You can do it in three ways. Romantic: choose your new costume together with your loved one. Such an “expedition” through the whole collection can be great fun for the two of you! Piquant: choose a sexy costume yourself and wait for your Obsessive package. When you get it, surprise your man with a hot message. Use the “send to…” option – you can find it in the box to the right of the product you selected at Your spicy email will let him know that it’s going to be an incredibly exciting night! Mysterious: a riddle message (you’ll surely come up with something naughty ☺). He has to guess which costume will spice up your foreplay.

So… what’s your choice?

3. Three times pleasure

You need: crotchless panties + blindfold + tickler

Message during the day: “Let’s play spicy foreplay tonight…”

Erotic caress exchange? Sounds like plenty of pleasure! You perfectly know his fantasies and he knows what you like the most. Make good use of it! Turn each other on before meeting up in the bedroom. Send your loved one an arousing text message – let him know how you’re going to caress his body tonight. Choose three body parts and three methods. Hot oil massage, gentle scratching, kissing, licking? It’s up to you! Next – his turn to let you know how he’s going to repay your efforts. And when the night comes… put on naughty panties (for MORE pleasure possibilities ☺) and fulfill your spicy promises! (Fore)play with Obsessive blindfold and tickler – they intensify fantastic sensations. And that’s just the beginning…

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