Have you ever thought of doing a striptease for him? Time to give it a try! Check these striptease tips to learn how to do it perfectly and… have plenty of great fun!

A private, home striptease performed by you is something your lover has always been dreaming of but… has never told you. Now he doesn’t know that you’re going to make a hot strip show for him! What will you need? How to do a striptease for your husband or striptease for a boyfriend? Check this out!

Red lipstick, tempting eye make-up and high heels – they’ll make you look (and feel!) very sexy. Two things you absolutely need to remember about – music for a striptease and seductive lingerie! Choose relaxing, sensual songs that will set the right mood and help you move your body in a coquettish way.

The central point of your intimate show – a chair in the middle of the room to help you pose for him. Lingerie? It must be exceptionally tempting (Obsessive!) and let you feel amazing in your body (again – Obsessive!).

Now check our ideas for a striptease for your lover!

Sweet treat

Prepare some pieces of his favourite sweets and a blindfold. Put on an alluring lingerie set, stockings and a long shirt. How to undress in a sexy way? Button by button! Make slow, sensual moves – he needs to wait for next hot views. Cover your lover’s eyes, let him taste the sweet treats you’ve prepared and tell him that he must guess their names. The right answer? You can undo a button of your shirt!

Try them out:

Untie me! 

Your striptease at home will be even more exciting if you let him take over control sometimes. How? Put on a sexy robe and let him pull the belt to unpack the surprise hidden underneath – a tempting teddy with lacing on your breasts! But he needs to wait and watch the show before you let him untie you one more time…

 Try them out:

Hot three in one

How to do a striptease with a very spicy costume? You’ll find it out right now! Choose a five-piece bunny costume which offers piquant surprises. This time your man will have to make some effort to see a good striptease. Once he gives you “the best kiss ever”, you’ll take off the bunny ears and tail. What next?

Another hot kiss which must be… better than the first one! Now you can take off the see-through babydoll (fastening on the front will help you) and show him the best view of the night – an incredibly seductive set on your almost naked body! You don’t even need to take off the open-cup bra and crotchless thong. Such an ending of your striptease will change into a beginning of something very pleasurable!

Try it out:

Ready? You already know how to strip off in front of your man so… have a fantastic time together with him!


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