Magical habits of happy couples!


We see those couples every day. They’ve been together for ages and yet they always look as if on a first date. Do you know them? Looking into each other’s eyes, naughty hands wandering all over the body, smiles and gestures which only they understand. How do they do it?

The answer is simpler than you think! It’s about everyday habits. Little gestures that mean so much! This is what makes a happy relationship. So if you still don’t have such habits, time for a big change! Check yourself how much it can give you.

Start using the non-magical tricks of happy couples. But first – ask yourself a few questions. What do you do for each other? What are you waiting for every day? What can’t you live without? Start caring for these little things. Don’t forget about them. It’s so easy (and sooo pleasurable)!

Every couple have their own habits that make them feel good with each other. Compliments, cuddling, kisses or tender words. They make a relationship work better!

Hug me!

Fall into his arms and let the time stop for a while. When? Whenever you feel that you want it! And there are two special moments in the whole day that are best for it. Morning and night.

How to do it? Set the alarm clock to wake you up a few minutes earlier and spend them cuddling up with your lover. And when the night comes… cuddle up again!

So remember – a few minutes of such relaxation every day. Effects? Better sleep and stronger relationship! Sounds great, right?

You are everything to me

You come into the room. His eyes follow you. You like it so much, don’t you? And you even know how to keep his attention on you!

And what about… him?

Your lover wants to be noticed too! Show your interest and let him know you’re attracted to him. Do you still remember those coquettish tricks? Of course you do! So… why not to use them again? Flap your eyelashes, smile, touch his shoulder as if accidentally. Flirt with your beloved! He’s everything to you and you love it when he’s with you. Make him feel it every day, every moment you spend together.

Lovely words, nice gestures

Don’t forget about them! Speak to your lover tenderly and let him be the superhero in your relationship. Appreciate his efforts and praise him. Sometimes this is just enough to make the most important person in your life happy. Don’t wait for special occasions. Every single moment is perfect to say: I love you. You’re fantastic…

You can also show him how much he means to you. His favourite dessert prepared by you? Says more than a thousand words!

Cherish your habits

We all have our own habits, daily rituals. You wake up and drink a glass of water with lemon because you know it’s important for your health. And what is important for a healthy relationship? Little but meaningful, daily activities. They will let you enjoy each other’s company for many years!

Create your happy-couple habits and cherish them! Everyday text message to wish a nice day, drinking coffee together, evening massage, watching a movie or wine tasting. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do. “TOGETHER” is what matters! Reserve some time just for the two of you. Walk through the park, cinema, dinner out. Without the worries of everyday life, without thinking about the rubbish you didn’t take out. Talk, listen and have fun spending time together.


Making out is like the air. Your relationship cannot live without it! And there are so many ways you can do it. Little “goodbye” or “hello” kisses and big smooching moments. Practice them every day! Such a dose of pleasure can do wonders for the two of you…

Maybe you already have your magical habits?