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New Year’s Eve ideas for couples


New Year’s Eve is coming! Are you ready? Outfit prepared, hairdresser and make-up arranged, New Year’s resolution list done. Or maybe instead of partying you decided to have a romantic time together? That’s a perfect idea for fresh lovers as well as for long-term couples! Now… let us show you why!

First of all, going to NYE party might make you feel stressed out. There’s only one night like this one in the whole year so you want to be perfectly prepared. One the other hand, if you choose to spend it only with your loved one who knows you well – you’ll have a fantastic chill-out night together!

Secondly, celebrating New Year’s Eve with the person you love will be a well-spent time coz… you enjoy each other’s company! So no matter what you do together – it’s never a waste of time.

And finally… we’re going to tell you how to have great fun together and a wonderful start into the New Year! Ready? Here we go!

New Year’s Eve ideas for couples – where?

It’s up to you where you want to say goodbye to the finishing year. A cozy hotel, seaside apartment or… mountain scenery? What matters is not the place but these five words: “just the two of you”. It’ll be your intimate world. Make a list of places where you’d like to spend your New Year’s Eve and then choose the perfect one together. If you both feel like staying at home – do it! NYE at home has as many advantages and disadvantages as a trip to the mountains or to Paris.

New Year’s Eve ideas for couples – what to do?

Spending New Year’s Eve with your loved one gives you so many possibilities! You often don’t have time for each other, so it’s a perfect chance for the two of you to catch up on your moments spent together. Come up with an exciting night scenario and get your lover involved. If you have no ideas – use our tested scenarios: Sensual Massage Room, Chocolate fantasies, HoteLove, Night in movie style. You’re going to have the time of your life!

New Year’s Eve ideas for couples – what to wear?

Special outfit also means… special lingerie hidden underneath your clothes! Sexy panties, tempting set or naughty costume? You have a great choice of amazing lingerie from Obsessive that will make you the biggest attraction of the night! And remember that tracksuit is cool, but only at the gym. Put on superelegant clothes for each other to create a fabulous atmosphere. Suit, dress, nice shoes, jewelry – time to begin the New Year’s Eve countdown!