Which of your fantasies would you like to fulfill? A long and crazy journey? A one-night trip to Fantasyland with him? It’s up to you. And no matter what it is – you can have it! Tell your beloved what you dream of and make it come true together.

One little step

One step closer to fulfilling a naughty fantasy? Here we go!

You’ll need:

  • one wonderful man – your man!
  • fancy costume from Obsessive > this way
  • head full of fantasies
  • world map – you can print it at home
  • suit, shirt, tie – no, you won’t need to put them on
  • sunglasses – for his protection, because you’ll shine like a star ?

What do you dream of?

Tell your beloved about your secret dreams. Obsessive journey with him? Sounds intriguing. You only have a few hours, so choose the best direction. Fantasyland? That’s your destination!

Mark it on the map and… get ready!

Departure time

He’s trying to find last minute holiday offers in… Fantasyland? Time for little, spicy directions. He as your handsome pilot and you as his sexy stewardess – the two of you alone on plane board. Let your beloved know that you want to fly away with him tonight…

Special outfits on!

Send him a photo of naughty stewardess uniform or choose a sexy Obsessive costume together. Waiting for take-off will be great fun for both of you!

Print flight tickets of your private airline. Don’t forget about the flight details you need to know – departure date and time, check-in place. You don’t want to miss it!

Business attire is required during this flight. Prepare special outfits – a suit for your pilot and Obsessive stewardess costume for you.

Put “Terminal G” card on your bedroom door. That’s your check-in place! Get there on time and… turn on your imagination.

Ready for take-off?

Offer your pilot something to drink and let him check the flight route. Or… do it together – in his cabin. It’s gonna be a long and exciting flight. Forget about everyday life and enjoy playing your new roles…

Have a pleasurable journey!

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