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Play it so spicy!


And have amazing fun!

Have you already found your ideal, knitted lingerie? Check out the new proposals from Obsessive and get a special look for your hot night!

The new collection that we’ve prepared for you has five, exciting items. Get your perfect knitwear and let it set your bedroom on fire!

Dreamlike mesh!

Alluring dress or spicy bodystocking? With the new collection, you can get just as much piquancy as you want. We’ve made sure that everything looks and works wonderful – check it yourself!

Obsessive 3SKnit is our special solution that gives three reasons for great satisfaction. Wanna have some naughty frolics? “Strong knit” will make your lingerie stand up to every hard challenge – just no need to worry about any holes! Full comfort? Yes! Thanks to “Selected fibres” of Obsessive knitwear, you can be sure that there will be plenty of delightful experiences. (Un)cover your body with the delicate, incredibly soft and elastic mesh. You’re gonna love the way it fits your shapes! And once you put your new, knitted lingerie on, you’ll be amazed at the third “S” effect, that is “Sharp details”. What does it mean? It’s your guarantee that all the motifs on the material – the subtly tempting and the really spicy ones – will look fantastic on your body!

Another special solution of the new, Obsessive knitwear? Here you are! Multistretch solution makes it stretch out in every direction – just to let you feel extremely comfortable and look gorgeous!

Now you know that it’s gonna be ideal. Time to check the outstanding details of the new proposals!

Play it as spicy as you like!

Wanna excite your man with temptingly exposed bust, hips and buttocks as well as uncovered legs? The see-through mesh of D115 dress will give you lots of sex appeal – you know he loves it! This dress will let you enjoy perfectly emphasized shapes and help you win your man’s heart! And if you like to have your back uncovered – choose D115 dress with halter-neck lacing!

D115 dress - 16,80 EUR

D115 dress – 16,80 EUR


Now, feel the sensual touch of Obsessive knitwear on… the whole body! New bodystocking proposals include four, hot designs – bringing spicy sensations is their specialty!

How about F219 bodystocking? It will enlace your body with a beautiful, feminine motif. Wanna adorn your belly with playful strings and expose your back? Get 115 bodystocking! Prepare a naughty secret to excite him even more. Open crotch really inspires senses! Just try it out!

If you’re looking for some exceptionally tempting designs with feisty aspects… you’re gonna find them right here! F220 bodystocking is an amazing combination of top and stockings. Sharp motif on the material gives alluring look and notches on the front partly uncover bust and belly. Exposed back and buttocks? Get it with this spicy cut! Straps imitating garters will make you look even hotter! Wanna discover another level of excitement? N114 bodystocking – a unique combination of bra, garter belt and stockings – will be perfect! Just wear the incredibly soft mesh and let your beloved admire your bust, belly and back adorned with elastic straps. He’s gonna be sooo excited!


F219 bodystocking - 19,10 EUR

F219 bodystocking – 19,10 EUR


F220 bodystocking - 19,10 EUR

F220 bodystocking – 19,10 EUR


N114 bodystocking - 19,10 EUR

N114 bodystocking – 19,10 EUR


N115 bodystocking - 19,10 EUR

N115 bodystocking – 19,10 EUR



Do you already know how you’ll warm up your night?

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