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Wanna get lost in daydreaming for a while? Imagine the most sensual look coming with the most exciting sensations… Do you feel like having more? Meet Suella collection!

Touch of pleasure

What makes lingerie from this collection so delightful? We’ll share some Obsessive secrets with you! Just touch the incredibly delicate fabric and you already know that… it’s gonna be an amazing experience! Aww yes. Smooth, subtly see-through material gently caresses your skin and emphasizes feminine charms. Let’s go for more! Put on a sexy chemise, tempting teddy or adorable thong and feel the special power of our Multistretch solution. The fabric is perfectly stretchable – from top to bottom – which means that it makes for your great wearing comfort and fantastically accentuated body curves. Do you like it? That’s not all, babe!

It’s great to regulate

Adjustability? It works excellent here! Adjustable straps and multi-stage crotch closure (Suella teddy has it) give you control and perfect look. Everything fits just the way you want so… enjoy your new lingerie with full confidence!

Sexy eye-catcher

We wanted to give you something exceptionally intriguing and… we did it! Combination of two layers of material in different colours makes for an incredibly unique effect and brings out tempting shapes. Bust adornment made out of glossy beads, lace edges, cute bows – Suella collection is simply alluring! Check it yourself!

Suella chemise - 27,90 EUR
Suella chemise - 27,90 EUR


Suella teddy - 24,90 EUR
Suella teddy - 24,90 EUR


Suella thong - 10,90 EUR
Suella thong - 10,90 EUR



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