Pleasure testing

Caution! This text includes pleasure experiments conducted on humans!

Are you dreaming of a romantic night for the two of you? You know, a night that you want to look back on for many years. A night that makes you blush every time you think about its details. Candlelight, wine and tasty treats that turn up delightful atmosphere. Sounds appetizing, right? And the most delectable part of the night is still ahead of you. So? Time to start pleasure testing! Let’s get prepared together…

Forget about going out into town. No hustle and bustle, no restaurants bursting at the seams and no waiters who would like to serve “something special” to you. All you want to do is look into the eyes of your beloved – you enjoy it so much, don’t you? So… what’s the plan? Stay home and get ready for pleasure testing just for the two of you.

Step by step towards pleasure

Don’t leave things until the last moment. Why? You need to be rested and perfectly prepared – it’s going to be a delicious night! Start off in the morning and head for the finish line. It won’t take much time.

A must-do thing – preparing the main course. Today, the chef recommends a hot dish: your man in spicy sauce served with fruit. Would you like to taste it tonight? Order in the morning. How? Piece of cake! Take a small piece of paper and write: “Tonight will be hot. Are you in?”. Add the smell of your perfumes and slip it into the pocket of his jacket. Make sure he’ll find your sexy note (you can give him tiny hints in a text message).

Wine time

Ready, steady, buy some wine! Two or three bottles – sounds pretty good. You don’t have to drink it all. You can but you don’t have to… but you can. ? Which kind of wine? The one that you like! And remember that diversity matters a lot. Sweet, dry, white, red or rosé – it’s up to you.


Be a pleasure testing master! How about an unforgettable explosion of flavors? Let’s do it! Prepare different types of cheese and fruit. Strawberries, grapes and nuts will be perfect. And one more piece of advice – try dark chocolate to turn up the exciting taste of the night even more…

Obsessive spicing

And now the best part – your sexy nightwear! Who will you become tonight? A sweet cook (it’s right HERE for you) or a spicy temptress (get naughty lingerie HERE)? If you want to increase his appetite for love before the night comes – send him a photo showing a tempting piece of your sensual lingerie.

From mouth to mouth

You’re about to begin your delightful testing. But first you need to warm up… the atmosphere. Imagine that he’s coming home. A path of lighted candles leads him straight to you. Romantic music is on. You’re waiting for him with two glasses of wine and with Obsessive on your body. His face tells you more than a thousand words. He’s totally amazed! Now you can use the mouth-to-mouth method. Let him taste the food (and wine!) straight from your mouth. And there’s one more thing I’d like to tell you. Bon appétit!