Recipe for piquant fun

This time let us inspire you with our evening ideas for the two of you. They’re gonna warm you up better than hot tea and increase your endorphins level better than kilograms of chocolate (with no side effects!). Ready to discover a perfect recipe for piquant fun? Here we go!

Step one

Encourage your loved one to join you in… Obsessive hunt! Visit our store at and move the piquancy level towards totally new sensations. Don’t hesitate! To reach the top, you need to go beyond your limits. Next, work together and choose a tempting lingerie item that will stimulate your imagination and heat up the atmosphere. Don’t worry if every of your attempts ends up for you in… bed. It’s a pretty pleasant side effect.

P.S. Don’t forget to add a sexy blindfold or mask to your shopping cart!

Step two

Time to think about some accessories. To get them go to… grocery store. You’ll need: two baskets and dark plastic bags. Your goal: stimulating four senses – hearing, taste, touch and smell – with your eyes covered. Sounds like a fantastic challenge? Aww, yes! Honey, crisps, hot peppers, ginger… The choice is up to you!

Step three

You love your bedroom? Great! But this time you’re gonna make a little change and go out of your comfort zone. Take some pillows and… choose a new “love place”! Kitchen? Washing machine? Armchair? Turn on your imagination!

Step four

The special day has come? Don’t prepare dinner. Order it to your house! You need to save your energy for the evening full of exciting challenges. Naughty thoughts? That’s the only thing you should prepare!

Step five

Ready? Food, Obsessive lingerie – OK, time to start! Cover your eyes and play guessing games! Who will be the winner? The one who can guess (no peeping allowed!) more names of sense-stimulating products. But actually, being in such a delightful situation together – you both are winners. So… wish you plenty of piquant fun!

♥ Have fun, inspire, love! ♥