Seduce your wife one more time!

Do you remember the time when you were waiting excitedly for her to phone you? Or when you dreamt of spending some time just with her and lying in her arms? When here presence was enough to make you feel happy? Now that you’ve been together for so many years, you may feel like some things have changed a little between the two of you. How about… trying to seduce her one more time? Take this special challenge and make her fall in love with you again!

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

She’s really important for you – make her feel that! You think that flowers aren’t a very creative idea and they will be no surprise for her? Use them in a totally new way! Prepare a rose petal bath for her!

Things that women love the most (right after their husbands) are… shoes, of course! But you don’t need to go for the risky idea of buying her a pair. ? Go for RELAXATION combined with beauty treatment! Bath full of scented oils and rose petals will charm your wife and boost her endorphins. Satisfaction guaranteed! And her expression of gratitude may even surprise you… ?

Go back in time!

Women are very sentimental, so a perfect way to seduce your wife is… arranging a journey into the past. It doesn’t need to be a trip to the place where you spent your honeymoon. Choose any place or thing that brings nice memories. The park where you walked together on your second date, dinner accompanied by your favourite song from the past – the choice is yours. Think about something special you did for her long ago and… do it again! ?


If you want to arouse your wife’s desire – surprise her! Come up with a reason why you need her help and ask her to leave work two hours earlier. You want to buy a new shirt for a business meeting and you need her advice, but instead of going shopping, take your wife to a hotel room you booked the day before. Champagne, Obsessive lingerie and… the two of you having a fantastic time together!

My advice? Seduce your wife every year, every month, every week!