We say “yes, yes, yes”!

Are you active? Being fit is sexy and it really turns your man on! And you know it turns you on, too – the number one advantage! This is why I want to let you know about a nice trick that I’ve recently read about.

You’re gonna like it – both of you!

So? Ready?


Sex is like sport!

Yes. Sex is a physical activity. The same as jumping jacks, bends, or jumps. Well, maybe “a little” more enjoyable! With a few minutes of amorous play, you don’t need to warm up before the morning jogging. Your muscles naturally get flexibility and the right temperature. Oh, and of course, you have fun while burning calories!

 It’s about chemistry…

…and that is endorphins! Sex is the best endorphins booster for your body. And if your blood has a lot of them, you are happy, believe in yourself, feel motivated to take action and… want to go running! So don’t wait – give yourself a dose of positive chemistry right before today’s workout!

Together is better!

Running together? Great idea! A study carried out by Brooks Running showed that couples who train together are more eager to have sex! And here you can see how nice it works. You go running together, make love more often, achieve better results together and… you like all of it even more! I guess you know what I mean.

Well, I think I’ll go running now.  How about you? ?


Anyway, you should definitely have a good warm-up before your next workout. Believe me – it's worth a try!


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