Do you believe in the power of words? We do! And we know there’re some words that can do wonders for a relationship. They make up one, short message: SMS! You know it can be informative or sweet and lighthearted, but… have you ever tried to play with saucy texts? It’s a totally Obsessive thing! Let’s talk about it now!

How does it work?

Work, home – home, work. TV, dog and Sunday lunch with your mother-in-law. It rings a bell, right? But do you really want it always this way? How about getting a little crazy from time to time? Well, you must admit that it sounds like a fantastic idea! A tiny bit of excitement can really turn up your love! How to get it started? You’ll need sexy lingerie (Obsessive, of course) or naughty accessories, but don’t begin without… a spicy plan!

Take it easy! We’ll get everything done for you (well, almost everything). Here’s our Obsessive scenario of your SMS flirtation.

Sexy texts for her or for him?

Sexy texts fall into two categories: texts from her to him and texts that go in the opposite direction – from him to her. When you start the text messages fun, remember about one important thing. Don’t let autocorrect ruin it! The wrong word can really make a difference. Most probably, there’s no woman in the world who wants to get such a message from her man: "Honey, I wanna be you wearing a sexy lace chemise tonight”. The "be" instead of "see" changes your hot plan completely. So… better check your message twice!

SMS coquette

It works easier for women! Why? Men are visual creatures. A visual attachment with the message tells them everything they want to know! But let’s not make it so simple. Words can show even more, especially the really hot ones!

What you need is your phone and head full of sexy text ideas for him. And that’s all! Just trust us. The beginning may be hard, but then you’ll love this spicy game!

This is how you can start:

“You looked so hot this morning. I wanted to keep you in bed longer...”.

“Skip out on your practice today. I have a special mission for you for tonight. You’re gonna need a lot of energy”.

Even if you don’t get his reply right away, don’t give up. Just wait for a while and continue:

“Thinking about you all the time”.

“Having naughty thoughts about you today”.

Suggest a very exciting evening together. What works best? Spicy hints – about what you’ve planned and what you have on your mind. Try these sexy texts:

“Remember the red set you liked so much? Imagine it on me. I’m gonna make it come true tonight…”.

“Got new Obsessive in my bag. Guess what it is”.

If you play this way, get ready for hot atmosphere in your bedroom!

Man’s turn

Do you like to play with rhymes? Women love poets! How about writing erotic poems for her? Add a sexy rhyme and… the night is yours! Win her heart line by line. Things to buy on your way back home? Obsessive, red wine and some delicious treats. Go ahead!

But first you need to give her little hints. Your sexy texts will let her expect something really nice to happen at the end of the day. Start in the morning! Our tiny tip for you? Nice compliments will be perfect for a starter. Take a look at this:

"Can’t think about work today,

only waiting for tonight with you, my babe”.


“When I see you wearing a sexy dress,

all I think about is the way you look – gorgeous!”

Now play it a little spicier. Tell her to take a hot bath, relax and put on Obsessive chemise that makes her look amazing! Maybe something like this:

“Take a bath, relax a lot.

Tonight’s gonna be really hot”.

“Got Obsessive on you?

Let me show you what we’re gonna do”.

Impress her like never before!

No limits

A handful of ideas spiced up with playful fantasies – this is what you need to make your love feel more exciting! There’s nothing that limits your imagination. You know your beloved best, so you can create your perfect strategy. Have fun, send texts, love!

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