nowa kolekcja bielizny czarna z błękitna koronką Obsessive

She’s got a wild heart

We’ve been working on something really amazing to show it to you right now. Meet our new arrivals from 844 collection!

Sexy designs, black mesh, sapphire adornments and wild spots. Are you ready to try this fabulous collection? Let’s check it out!

If you’re looking for perfectly fitting lingerie which emphasizes feminine shapes, our new arrivals will give it to you. Multistretch solution means that they’ve been made out of very elastic fabrics (except stockings) in order to guarantee a fantastic look. What will you find in the collection?

First of all, take a look at the new chemise and babydoll. Can you see this tempting, tight-fitting design and halter-neck lacing? You’re looking at the chemise. Subtle, flared design and fastening below the bust – that’s the babydoll. How to make a perfect choice? Get them both! Sexy chemise for a hot night and sensual babydoll for a very pleasant morning… 😉

You’d like to try new lingerie sets? 844 collection has them for you! You can choose a beautiful bra and thong or a seductive option number 2 – bra, thong and alluring garter belt! Both sets have an adjustable fastening (our Did2Fit solution), so you can easily make them perfectly fitted to you. If you want to put on the three-piece set, remember to get sexy stockings – from the new collection or any Obsessive stockings that you like.

You love Obsessive bottoms? Check the new thong adorned with wild motifs! Aww yeah!


844-SEG-1 - 30,00 EUR

844-SEG-1 – 30,00 EUR


844-CHE-1 - 27,90 EUR

844-CHE-1 – 27,90 EUR


844-BAB-1 - 27,50 EUR

844-BAB-1 – 27,50 EUR


844-SET-1 - 22,00 EUR

844-SET-1 – 22,00 EUR


844-THO-1 - 8,50 EUR

844-THO-1 – 8,50 EUR


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